How to Adult 101: #1 preparation

#1 preparation.png

Since I’m now 18 and need to learn stuff (because I’m a spoiled, coddled butterfruit who doesn’t know anything in life), I thought I’d take you along with me on this journey which will be filled with failed attempts.

Disclaimer: I don’t know anything and the most I’m expecting you to get from this is a few chuckles. And that’s me being optimistic.

1. How much ever you think you can figure it all out yourself, you can’t.

Not completely, at least. You need guidance. So take my advice and don’t reject help from your parents and elders. Do NOT proclaim that you don’t need them anymore because you are an adult *cough* cuz ya do. Later you’ll be ashamed and too proud to go back for help. Ultimately, your loss.

Otherwise, you need to put internet on your phone and be a whiz at google search and know what to search exactly. And be willing to spend 15 minutes seeing all results and still ending up confused, doing something wrong and having to rectify it with more difficultly. *phew* But hey, if you’re someone who has a lot of time, patience, perseverance and prefers learning yourself by making mistakes, go for it and say I’M QUEEN. I DON’T NEED PEASANTS. 

2. Invest in a power bank for your devices.

It’ll be very handy. Trust me. One of the perks: you can be lazy and don’t have to stand next to the plug point to chat nonsense with your friends while it’s charging. Another is that you can charge your phone on the go and don’t have to panic away from home which might result in a heart attack. Let’s face it, you can’t survive without your phone. HOW WILL YOU EVER FUNCTION? No, that can not happen.

No matter how many times you say you can survive without your phone, be realistic. Stop kidding. The only thing you can do when it’s dead is pretend you’re on a call while walking past someone you want to avoid, and show as if you didn’t notice them to avoid conversation because you don’t like talking to people either. ugh. people. In case it ever comes to that situation, do remember to keep your phone upright because if it’s upside down, it’ll be a massive fail. This happens all the time in TV. Let’s not be as dumb as them.

Another plus point is that there will be no problems when you’re working or something. But that’s not more important than our laziness. pfft. 


We laugh, giggle and make fun of those characters when they make mistakes and have to rectify it. But from next time, remember those mistakes and what to really do because in the back of your mind you know that you can make the same stupid mistake. 

You can also watch TV shows and movies while telling everyone you’re “preparing for the real world”. You are. It’s honest research, I say. Listen to me. I know nothing all.
And that’s all for the first installment! I shall keep you updated on anything I learn which will change your life. Adios for now!
Are you an adult? If yes, how were your first few years as a MAJOR citizen? Do you have any tips to share? Do help us lost little cinnamon rolls who are only now dealing with the real world. If you’re not an adult, are you waiting to be so you can proclaim yourself sovereign and SET OUT TO THE WOOORLD? Or do you wish you could stay minor just a bit longer?

12 thoughts on “How to Adult 101: #1 preparation”

  1. Still a minor, but just for six more months. I am yet not ready to grow up. But, unfortunately I’ll have to.
    Your tips are going to help!

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