Life Update

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This month wasn’t very eventful for me, honestly. So I’ll just update you on the relatively small stuff.

Thoughts on semester 2

Chem cycle is kinda boring. We had so much to do in Physics cycle and it’s laid back this semester. I’m looking for things to fill in my time around my schedule now.

The subjects are a tiny bit better than last semester, though. It feels so good to code again, as I have a programming class this semester. Even if it’s the basic coding in C when I’ve already done C++, it feels so good. I am going to major in Computer Science, after all.

Ethnic day and college fest

In the last life update, I left y’all saying that it was ethnic day that day. Well, I did dress up in the end, but didn’t do too much effort. I simply put on an old traditional dress I had. But I had quite a lot of fun that day. I went out with my friends for lunch, we all danced so much (with most girls in heels!) to songs and it was a small party, basically.

On to college fest. I volunteered and we got T shirt for it. I was mainly volunteering in an event—treasure hunt. DJ came back to the city only for this fest and he finally got to see my college friends in real life and not just SnapChats. (lil self promo: follow me on SC @iridescencey)

I decorated my phone cover

I got a new phone, by the way. Nothing great, though. I wanted to decorate the back and used washi tape for it. I would show you a picture but I didn’t take a good one. Mostly because it kept coming off in the edges and after a couple days I lost patience by sticking it repeatedly so I ripped it off. Now it’s plain white again. Sigh.

I got sent a paperback ARC by the authors for the first time

When I received ARC of Girl Against the Universe by Paula Stokes, it was part of a giveaway and therefore doesn’t exactly count. I got sent Gleam of Light by T.J. and M.L. Wolf and I can’t wait to read it!

I want to learn new things, do new stuff

I have a tendency to pick up new things just for the heck of it (including blogging) and whether I stick to it depends. Since I now have a small bit of time free often, I have been thinking of picking up a new hobby or learning something new. The problem is that my free time is varying and I can’t sign up for classes etc. Therefore I’m thinking of learning things online. I downloaded an app called Duolingo a couple days back and started learning the basics of French. I really like the interface and how it works. I’ll let you know how it goes next month.

A few more IRL friends know about my blog and bookstagram now

And I’ve been getting so much positive feedback, I’m practically gloating.

I realised audiobooks aren’t my thing

At least, not yet. I’m also a music addict and listen to music whenever I can. This means that I’m not keen to spend that time listening to audiobooks. Reading is much more preferable. Plus, we can’t skim through in audiobooks, which is troublesome for me.

Summer is almost here

The temperatures have already gone up a bit, it’s humid and I sweat a lot. All I want is for cool temperatures again, and to wear winter-wear. I don’t really have many summer-friendly clothes, especially considering I love layers and covering up. I gotta shop soon.

My eyes are becoming strained too much recently

For a stretch of days, my eyes kept closing as if I’ve been pulling all-nighters (I wasn’t) and they burned every time I opened my eyes after keeping them closed for a few minutes, even. Since I don’t wear make-up, the strain is seen easily. I have to start wearing my UV-protection glasses again. They help a lot with my strain. I used to wear them only while on the computer or laptop, but now I’m making a habit of wearing them otherwise too.

The glasses I have were bought 4 years back and I’ve grown out of the style, so I really want to buy new ones. Preferably full-framed nerdy glasses. The kind to hide behind.

I’ve been thinking about taking a hiatus from blogging

When I told this to my best friend, she asked me to think on it well because she knows that blogging as a hobby is an outlet for me and I love doing it. But recently, I haven’t been much inspired to blog. So I thought a hiatus might help.

I’m thinking of taking a break at least the whole of May. As my blog is running mostly on previously scheduled posts now, and they end Mid-April if I don’t write more, I might go on hiatus then itself. Not sure yet.

I will be active on twitter (@mebeingquixotic) and Instagram (@mebeingquixotic), although perhaps not as much. I want to concentrate more on other things such as academics, relationships, learning new things and self-improvement.

Also, are you uncomfortable with the update in WordPress as well?

The blog post drafting page has changed and I don’t like the look of it. I much preferred the old one. I also have been noticing, while writing this post, that every time I type more such that the cursor goes below the bottom of the page, the page doesn’t automatically scroll so I can see what I’m typing?! Like, why?! Every time I type a new sentence I have to scroll down myself. So annoying.

What’s going on in your life? Any major events happening? How’s school/college/work for you? Have you ever taken a hiatus from blogging? Do you dislike the WordPress update as well? Tell me everything, and then some.

2 thoughts on “Life Update”

  1. I hate the fact that the new post writing format DOESN’T AUTOMATICALLY SCROLL DOWN. It’s such a pain!
    I don’t know why wp updates the format so often. It creates more fundamental problems than it does fix things.

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