Ten things about me you never asked for but I shall fulfill your secret desires


There aren’t very many posts on this blog about me, even though I blog about lifestyle too. But that’s because I don’t talk about myself much, really. Okay, who am I kidding. There are a lot of posts I’ve done on me, but you like it, right? I’m going to assume you do and give you some more useless information about me, because why not? Have fun reading!

{1} I bond with mom over over-dramatic Hindi soaps.

Legit, I say “I’m so done with this show” at least twice every episode of one particular show (duration half an hour), but yet continue watching. I think my mom finds my commentary interesting too, because she calls me herself when the show comes on instead of telling me not to watch with her.

{2} My notes app is filled with blog posts.

Oftentimes I feel like blogging when I’m out and can’t draft a post then. Sure, I could do it on the WP app but lately I’ve been finding blogging on the phone annoying. So, I type it up in short in my notes app. Sometimes, I type almost the whole post, if I can. Recently, I shifted to Evernote from a random sticky note app, and I love it! It’s more aesthetic to look upon, it’s widget for the homescreen is better, you can write, attach and scan to save; and even sort the notes into different sections called “notebooks”. Totally recommend it.

Of course, my mom yells at me to get off my phone when we’re outside because I spend way too much time on my phone and it would be better if I paid attention to my surroundings. I can’t very well say that I’m drafting a blog post, can I? Not my fault if going outside and seeing something gets me inspired.

{3} I have a habit of responding immediately.

Let it be emails, texts, comments or anything else. I’ll reply immediately—as soon as I see the notification. If I don’t, then I’ll most likely forget to do it later.

{4} I look for dark coloured clothing but in fact I look best in bright colours.

I prefer dark colours to not stand out and catch attention (it’s a real theory). I feel very self-conscious wearing bright colours. Or even if I simply dress up. ATTENTION IS NOT MY THING, OKAY? OKAY.

{5} My mom always assumes I’m texting when I’m on my phone.

Let me tell you something, I talk to very few people. In fact, if you removed all the messaging apps on my phone, I could survive for at least three days with no hitch. If something’s very important, I’d call. Therefore all my time on the phone is spent tweeting, on Instagram, commenting, blog hopping/reading etc. Everything related to blogging, you see. To do everything fast, I read and type rapidly. When my mom sees that, she assumes I’m texting. Every. Single. Time. 

Like, mom, I have a blog. These things come with it. But she doesn’t know that I’m actually dedicated to my blog. that I do so much for it and publish posts regularly. If I tell her, she’ll just disapprove and say it’s simply more time I’m spending in front of a screen damaging my eyes. I like blogging. I’d rather she not throw shade at this one thing. And so it shall remain a secret. Like the sorcerer’s stone. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love my mom, but she’s not overly fond of taking a different and unknown road which doesn’t have any definitive results you can know beforehand. Even when the WiFi is off, she thinks I’m texting. One, I don’t want to waste my balance on stupid texts. Two, I’m actually reading ebooks. She doesn’t know that either. I just let her think I’m texting all the time. Better for everyone.

{6} I like to think I’m interesting enough to star in reality TV.

Sometimes (most times). My thoughts are very interesting. Trust me. I go around talking in my head like there’s a voice over in the reality TV show while doing anything mundane. It also works in entertaining me when I’m bored.

{7} I don’t like yellow post-its/sticky notes.

Just, no. They’re too jarring and in-yo-face. I know that sticky notes are supposed to be glaring to get your attention but MY EYES. I see every other colour just fine, thanks. Also, they’re too normal.I don’t like normal.

{8} I talk to myself a lot.

It’s almost like there’s another clever me inside my head.I DO prefer my own company over others. Most of those times I’m either berating myself or congratulating myself (mostly congratulating) (and giving myself high-fives) (for being so cool).

{9} There’s a song playing in my head almost always.

Like background music. Because my life is like a never-ending movie. Or a very entertaining reality show. Because I’m so entertaining, you see. I deserve background music. Everyone does. Background music should be proud to accompany my life. Yes. That’s a good sentence. (notes it down to boost go) (cuz why not)

{10} Most small things I do in life are because why not?

That’s my reason for everything. Many times, I DO come up with reasons not to, therefore might be called not brave etc. But things like blogging? Why not? WHY NOT, I ASK? (you might answer: cuz you’re very annoying BYE) (I say shush you need me)


And those are ten completely useless things about me! (promise I’m not this self-centred in real life) (I’m just in a self-appreciating mood)

Do you relate with any of these facts? Is your life so interesting it could on reality TV, too? What’s your motto in life? How are you doing today, btw? I totally didn’t ask that! I should start to every blog post. Let me know if there’s anything you want me to do on the blog, too. I would love any suggestions. Ooh, and and! If you feel like, do make a post like this on your blog and link me to it. I love to know small things about others which actually define them.



5 thoughts on “Ten things about me you never asked for but I shall fulfill your secret desires”

  1. Omg you’re so me!! XD I’ve never really liked yellow post-it notes colors, now that I think about it. XD I also talk to myself a lot, which is curious cause I’m not a talkative person with other people.
    And omg yeah, my parents also think I’m always texting or playing on my phone when I can be reading comments or searching something!!!
    And my head plays a lot of songs during the day too!! Even in my dreams, songs play in the background!!! I guess it makes it more dramatic LOL XD 😛
    Again, loved this post!! XD

    Liked by 1 person

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