Pride and Prejudice || entertaining but the usual love story

pnp.jpgTitle: Pride and Prejudice

Author: Jane Austen

Genre: Classics

Status: Standalone

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Spirited Elizabeth Bennet is one of a family of five daughters, and with no male heir, the Bennet estate must someday pass to their priggish cousin William Collins. Therefore, the girls must marry well—and thus is launched the story of Elizabeth and the arrogant bachelor Mr. Darcy, in a novel renowned as the epitome of romance and wit. Pride and Prejudice is Jane Austen’s masterwork, an entertaining portrait of matrimonial rites and rivalries, timeless in its hilarity and its honesty.


My mum had brought this book from the library a couple years back but I couldn’t get past two pages because of the boring look, and also the fact that its a classic and I don’t have patience. I decided to try again a few months back when I bought a prettier version of it in a second-hand bookstore. By the time I got around to it though, the movie came on TV and I watched it. I really liked the movie, and I do recommend watching it if you haven’t. It’s a perfect feel-good movie.

I also read this as part of the A Classic A Month challenge hosted by Charley @ awriternamedcharley.

  • The love story is pretty much what you’ll find in many books. It’s about a rich bachelor who is quite rude and off-putting at first, but there’s more layers to him and he’s actually perfect. The girl isn’t rich but is headstrong, opinionated, isn’t afraid of saying anything to the guy even though he’s a little intimidating etc. They fall in love. I cannot count how many times I’ve read this storyline. Don’t get me wrong, I do like it (because it gives me false hope for myself) but I’m looking for others now. I do give credit that it’s original. (obviously, it was published so long ago) It’s also very entertainment with some aspects in the story.
  • Loved Lizzy. I especially enjoyed her conversations with Darcy and her dialogue.
  • Darcy is the perfect match. I’ve said it before sometime and I’ll say it again. I really like characters with layers. Lizza was most straightforward but I had such fun with Darcy’s actions and everything he did. He’s shy, but also suddenly brave sometimes. I LOVED him everytime he was around Lizzy after falling in love with her.
  • The romance and development. Totally loved that. YES.
  • Not too much classic blues. I only skimmed a few chapters, so not bad. Some conversation was boring but I liked a lot of it. I prefer the movie though (mostly because of the dancing *heart eyes*)

The first classic I liked (not counting To Kill a Mockingbird, of course. That’s gold.)


I’ll be reading Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte for March as part of the challenge. Really excited to get to it!

Have you read Pride and Prejudice? What are your views? Which is your favourite classic yet? 

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