Break || had so much potential but was actually pretty disappointing

break.jpgTitle: Break

Author: Vanessa Waltz

Genre: NA Romance

Status: Standalone

Goodreads || Amazon US || Amazon UK


What if a handsome billionaire offered you thousands to pretend to be his girlfriend? And what if you started to believe the lie?

Jessica has never had a boyfriend, and that’s just how she likes it. She’s still trying to rebuild herself from a sexually abusive past, and a guy – no matter how gorgeous – would only mess up the fragile balance of her life.

Almost-billionaire Luke Pardini is gorgeous, that’s for sure. He’s also desperate. His dying father thinks he’s too irresponsible to inherit the family estate, and Luke needs to convince his dad that he’s grown up and ready to settle down with a girl. Any girl.

With five billion dollars at stake, Luke can’t mess this up. But as he pretends to date Jessica, he finds himself drawn to her more than he’d like to admit. He has been hurt too many times to count, but Jessica is the one person who makes him feel safe. It could have been a Cinderella story, but both of them made a promise that their relationship was just for show, and neither of them is going to step over the line.

When Jessica’s secret past emerges on the front page of the tabloids, his dad threatens to disown him if he doesn’t sever ties with her. If their relationship was only a charade, the solution would be easy. But if it’s not…



I’ll be honest, I have been putting off this review for maybe more than a week now. Partly because I had exams going on but also because I wasn’t exactly sure what I’d say. Usually if that’s the case I don’t write a review at all, but it’s been a while since I’ve done a review and I really wanted to talk about this one.

So.. getting to the review.

(I’m already cringing)

When I read the summary on Goodreads I thought this might turn out good. I was looking for a good NA romance book to curl up with and decided to give this a go. Sadly, it was awkward and cringe-worthy (I might have had face lines left over with how much I cringed).

Jessica is broke, dealing with some past experiences that she’s never moved on from, and desperately needs money income. She decides to sign up as an escort online as a last-ditch option after reading comments from past women escorts. Unbelievably, she get’s contacted by a billionare who needs her to act as his girlfriend.

Luke Pardini lost his mom when he was young and doesn’t have a good relationship with his dad and family. As his father is dying, he needs to convince his dad that he’s stable and ready to settle so that he will be given the family company after his dad’s death.

It was all ok-ok until they actually started pretending to be in love and starting “falling in love”. Some parts were so awkward and not right, I was like whaat is going on! why are you doing this! stahp! The only reason I continued was because I thought this would end well, you know?

Two major things I didn’t like about the plot:

  1. Jessica’s mental health. I shall not kid you, it was totally wrong. Now, I haven’t been through a traumatizing experience so I can’t say for sure, but I don’t think it’s like you’re completely fine all your days, with no depression or dreams or anything, but you hear the person’s name and you start bawling. Since Jessica was raped, we would expect that she would have a problem opening up or trusting, right? Well, she was mighty fine. Until one scene which was also not proper. Just, no.
  2. The ending. Remember when I said I thought it’ll end nice? HA. HA. They have a falling out, a pretty major one. The guy comes back, says a few sentences, and she falls back into his arms. I do not kid you, he didn’t do anything; just sat there and spoke and she forgives him so very easily. I mean, really?!

I also didn’t like the characters, how they behaved, their relationship. I think I’ll stop because I could rant a lot, but it would be about everything and I can’t remember the details because it’s been a while since I read it.

Conclusion: I don’t recommend it.



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