My February bullet journal

foodies' appendix.png

Hey y’all! February felt so short??! Like, I did not sign up for this mirage?! WHERE DID THE 28 DAYS GO. I FEEL SO UNPRODUCTIVE.


Anyway. I did try to make my bullet journal pretty. Which I kinda ruined in the end. Oh well.

If you’re wondering, I’m using a Doodle notebook (which I reviewed here).

If you’ve read my January bullet journal post, then you might have seen this front page already.

I actually did a blunder in my tracker. While writing february, my mind was elsewhere and I ended up writing friday. I improvised, but it doesn’t look good anyway. The thing is I didn’t have enough patience to do it all over again.

Feb’s version of this spread didn’t turn out as well as Jan’s, but I’m still happy with it. I did make changes in my march one though.

For my lettering resolution, I tried to do one here but the ink really bled through the page and after that I only did in spare notebooks. Sad that I can’t do in my bullet journal, though.

I wrote this page when I was having a bad day with a bout of depression and poured my heart out. Journalling really helps.

And that’s it! Compared to January, I had very few spreads. Not only because there were less days, but also cuz I didn’t do much extra pages on research, lists etc.

You might have noticed throughout the flipthrough that some lines were scribbled in top margins and emoty spaces. Well, that is a result of me suddenly wanting to write but not start a new page. I’ll post all of them soon.

Also, I’m about half through my notebook and I’m really surprised because I used the last notebook for SIX MONTHS. This looks like it’ll just last three, if I’m careful. I do have more to write, but I wonder. Anyway, it’s cool because I love the next notebook I bought to use and can’t wait to get to it!

What did you think of my bullet journal? How was your february? Also, I usually don’t show my next month’s spread set up but if you’d like to see it from next month, just let me know! 

9 thoughts on “My February bullet journal”

  1. Your bullet journal is SO PRETTY!! I am so envious! I aspire to have a journal as pretty as that! I don’t even try, I just write words in black ink without even thinking about making it pretty! But yours is just beautiful! Keep going with it! It’s amazing that you have the ability and creative motivation to do it 🙂

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