The Partnership || the NA romance we want

the partnership.jpgTitle: The Partnership

Author: Charlotte Penn Clark

Genre: NA Romance

Status: Extra Credit series #1 but can be read as a standalone

Published: 01 March 2017

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They’re just partners….

Kyle’s got a problem. He needs to pass college composition to graduate but he can’t get words on a page.  And it’s landed him in a pilot class called Extra Credit for students in trouble — when all he wants is to be left alone.

Lani’s got a problem too. She doesn’t like making waves and it gets her stuck in that Extra Credit class. When she ends up partnered with Kyle things start getting complicated. Kyle is angry, restless, impatient; Lani is calm, introverted, bookish. But when these opposites attract how will they manage to stay “just partners”?

Extra Credit is a New Adult series that takes place on a college campus and puts three unlikely couples together to see what happens. Each novella is in dual point-of-view with a happy ending that can be read as a standalone, though they’re better together…! The series includes sexy times that are only meant for readers over 18.


Thank you to Victory Editing and NetGalley for providing me with a copy in return for an honest review.

The concept of this trilogy: Each book will focus on one couple who are forced to take the Extra Credit class in college. All three, to my understanding, occur around the same time. Each can be read as a standalone, though.

I was in mood for a good NA Romance and I’ve read most of the good ones already out, therefore I went onto NetGalley and this drew me in immediately. It didn’t take long for me to get completely sucked in. I finished it in one sitting. It was that good.

I liked just about everything, but here’s a concise list:
  • There wasn’t too much sex. I like NA books because they occur in college. I love college romance. The only thing? Most of the times I tend to skim through the sex scenes, and there are quite a few. But not in this case. It was there, but appropriate amounts. It’s only descriptive once, so you can concentrate on the story.
  • Not the usual pairing. If you’re bored of the usual jock-and-nerd or guy-with-tragic-past-and-girl or vice versa etc, this is what you’re looking for. All Kyle wants is to graduate and join the Army. Lani is a dancer, kind of a doormat and doesn’t like attention. The other two pairings (for the next books) are different too, from what I understood.
  • POC representation. And it’s not the simple Asian or African. Lani is Hawai’ian. I’ve never read about a Hawai’ian before. She also spoke about the first time she’s faced discrimination and how it is.
  • I learnt how to spell Hawai’i right. I honestly didn’t know Hawaii was wrong. I like titbits of general knowledge in books.
  • Kyle is huge and tough looking, but a cinnamon roll at heart. He doesn’t mind that Lani yells at him or doesn’t do what he says on the way to standing up to herself. In fact, he’s proud that she’s finally learning to say no. He’s also really protective of Lani, right from the start, and it’s so cute.
  • The ending. Almost all the books end with the couple coming back together after a fight and staying together forever. The characters’ future plans fit. But here, it isn’t like that. The future plans don’t fit perfectly. I love that they are not putting their dreams off. They’re working around and through it. That is reality.
  • Extra Credit class. I’ve never heard of such a class, but it’s a really good concept and I wish it was there is all colleges and universities. The class pairs up students and they help each other overcome their fears and difficulties. It helps in practical life. I also liked the teacher/professor. She actually advises and helps.

Overall, it is a sweet, fluffy, romantic book which I totally recommend. If you liked Smut by Karina Halle, you will definitely like this. And I don’t say this lightly because Smut is one of my favourite NA Romance books.

I can’t wait for the next two books, and this book has just been published!


Have you read this book? Are you looking forward to? Do you agree with me about different couple pairings in NA romance? Have you read any good new NA Romance books? 

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