February 2017 Wrap-up


Why do I feel like it’s only been two weeks since the last time I wrote a wrap-up?! Maybe because February was really slow and unproductive for me. Honestly, I don’t know what I did last month, but I feel like I wasn’t productive AT ALL.

Anyway, off with my rants and on to the wrap-up.

Number of books read: 14

Therefore, my Goodreads challenge stands at 29/150.


Other posts published:







Movies and TV shows I watched

I watched La la land! Albeit weeks late. The story was so cute and it was real. Loved Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone together. City of Stars is beautiful ❤

Also watched The Space Between Us. I absolutely ADORED it! Read my fawning review here.

Season 2 of Shadowhunters started! And I’m getting the show blues again. Like in the beginning of season 1, I’m somehow not able to get into the show because the acting doesn’t feel that good, and also they’re changing the story a lot. I’m behind a few episodes now, due to college, but hopefully I’ll catch up and like it.

Songs I listened to on repeat

(I also post my favourite songs of the day sometimes on my Instagram stories) (self promo there y’all) (real subtle)

Best on Instagram



I’m literally finishing this post last minute on the college bus. Why do I do this. Anyway.

How was your February? Anything new happen? Tell me everything!

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