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There is more to blogging than just typing what’s on your mind. There are pictures to add, header images, website theme etc. But these are main things. I was thinking about everything that I have to do for the blog and I realised that all of them are regular things. So, here I am today to list them out, and maybe you’ll also start noticing them and doing it. But mostly, these are some things for myself.

Frequently check and update bio/profile/about page/static front page

I had set up my about page the day I made the blog. But I forgot to update them until months later. By then I had finished school, contrary to what I had written on my about page; a few months after that I got into college and remembered to update only a month later. We need to keep our info places up to date. Since I keep forgetting to do it, I thought I’d say this so y’all would be reminded of it too, in case you forgot like me.

Always read your post after it’s published for any typos or mistakes

I hates typos in my blog posts. I know that mistakes are easy to make when typing fast and I don’t find it irritating in others’ posts because it’s an honest mistake. But when I see a mistake of mine, I don’t like it. So I always reread.

If you publish your posts immediately after writing them, come back an hour or so when you don’t remember exactly what you typed and read through as if you’re a reader seeing it for the first time. If you are like me and schedule your posts, even if only hours advance, read them after they’re up and fix any typos. Either way, you could ask a friend to go through it as well.

Promote your recent blog post on social media

I forget to do this a lot, but recently I’ve been posting on instagram and twitter about new posts even if I’m late. Better late than never, right?

Remember not to stress about blogging. Blog when you want to only. Don’t force it.

For me, there are some days when I’m on a blogging streak and type so many posts and schedule them. This also means that there are days when I don’t have any ideas in my head and I just don’t want to blog. The first few times I tried to force myself and find inspiration, but it just wouldn’t be the same. Now, I’m pretty chill since I schedule posts in intervals and posts will go up from my last streak and I don’t have to worry.

But I know that a lot of bloggers publish as they type and feel guilty about not posting for a while. If it does happen so, don’t stress yourself. You shouldn’t worry about getting out posts regularly.

Read others’ blog posts as well

This is a given, obviously. Why do I have to say it? Because I sometimes forget too. When my college classes are going on, I’m very tired during the weekdays and only come on WordPress on sundays when I type and schedule posts for the following week. I am not able to catch up on a whole week’s posts, however.

Since I usually see vlogs of YouTubers every day, I hop onto WordPress after that and spend ten minutes reading and commenting. I try to do these when I’m tired because it does not take much effort. Reading blogs is like catching up with friends, and it makes me feel better.

Comment back

Lately, I’ve been trying to comment back on blogs. When a person reads my posts and comments, I visit their blogs over the next few days and try to comment on one of their posts. Sometimes, I don’t know what to say or they might not have posted recently, so I just like and check out a few more posts. I find some really good blogs this way, since I don’t blog hop on tags or twitter much. I try, and I think that’s what matters. I do this every 4 or so days so I can do many at once.


And that’s it! (For now) Hopefully, I’ll do a better job at all of them from now on.

Do you think about any of these too? Is there anything I’ve missed? Do you comment back? Do you wish you did? What are your remember-tos? What’s on your list? Let me know in the comments!

12 thoughts on “Blogger remember-tos”

  1. This post was so true!! XD I have couple of school friends who have blogs but they don’t give interaction to people nor reply to comments. How do they want to grow their blog?
    And sometimes I read my posts after I publish them and I really should stop doing it because sometimes when I read them it’s too late and some people have already read them and sometimes I’m too lazy to edit, hehe! 😛 XD
    I loved this post!! XD

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  2. This is a great post! I honestly just clicked on it to see if you had anything to say that isn’t already in my head. I used to blog a LOT on my old blog a few years ago, pretty much daily, sometimes more, but then I quit and didn’t really get back into it. When I started this one about two years ago (almost), I had completely “forgotten how to blog” if that makes sense? It’s only recently that I’ve started rediscovering the key, and that’s mainly due to reading other people’s blogs!

    I think the most important one is to only write when you feel like it, like you said. If you try to force yourself when you’re not in the mood it’ll show through in your writing, and that’s not good for the writer and it’s not good for the readers. Personally I keep a list of things I want to blog about sometime in the future. I checked one off that list yesterday. That way, I can always have a look at it if I feel like writing but I don’t know what to write about! Some of them are types of posts I can do many times as well, such as 20 questions or tags of sorts. I think those are nice things to do that don’t require too much effort if you feel guilty about posting but you don’t really have anything you want to write about. 🙂


  3. YES! I find I do so many of these without even realising, like reading over posts. I don’t read blogs as much as I should, but I’m making a schedule to sort my life and I’ll make time for that 🙂 You write such helpful blog posts by the way!

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  4. I find interactions very important because where’s the fun in only keeping to your own blog? Brings more fun catching up with others like you said that reading others’ posts will bring. =)

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