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Hey y’all! I’m determined to do a life update every month because ever since I’ve started properly blogging, my personal posts have fallen on the way-side. I know that I love reading other’s posts about their days and life updates; I also love reading back my own. Therefore, here we are!

College reopened on 13th feb

Sem 2 was supposed to begin on 27th Jan, then 6th Feb, and finally began on 13th. By then most of the students’ parents were fed up of having us at home, with nothing to do, and we were hella bored. What I missed most were the bus rides to and from college. Most times I’ll just listen to music and stare out, lost, or we’d all be talking. Since most of the students travelling in my bus are the same year as me, we have a lot in common and have loads of fun. I do hate that I have to get up, bath and get ready before sunrise to catch the bus on time, but I love the ride.

This semester I’m in the Chemistry cycle so my subjects are Engineering Chemistry, Programming in C, Computer Aided Engineering Drawing, Basic Electronics, Engineering Math-2 and Environmental science. My whole batch has been waiting eagerly to get to this cycle because it’s very chilled. We used to envy Chem cycle students when we were in the physics cycle—mostly because they seemed to have so much freedom and less pressure! Don’t get me wrong, I got really good teachers last sem and I’m grateful for that, but I’m stoked to study subjects I like (programming) and not having too much pressure. The subjects are easy enough this time, except electronics which is rumoured to be a bit tough.

So far, classes have been good and we weren’t given assignments on the first day itself like last time, so I’m hoping it’s a good sign about the next few months. Gotta say, going back to programming—even if it’s only C which is the basics that I already knew for years—has made me happy. So far I’ve had one lab for it, and it was divine.

College fest!

My college’s fest is being held in the beginning of March and there’s so much going on for it. Students from first year are going around to colleges to campaign and sell tickets etc, and there’s so many good events lined up. I can’t wait! There’s one—hogathon—which I particularly can’t wait for. Food Although in the end I decided not to participate and now am just volunteering.

Going back to a routine feels good

During the holidays I just didn’t have a set routine and I felt so off. I spent many days planning and being productive, but largely, I was bored. The only problem is that since I’ve got college six days a week, if I have to go to the doctor or the hospital, I have to miss classes for it. That’s bumming.

My physical health

It all started with a simple wound when I tripped while boarding a bus in a rush. Right now, the only thing worrying is that my platelet count is low, and was decreasing until this week, and I’ve apparently got an allergic reaction to pollen dust (never had before). I’m having kiwi, papaya, pomegranate, papaya leaf juice, tablets etc everyday. Apparently it’ll take a few months to come back to normal, but since we don’t know why it’s decreasing (haven’t had fever or dengue, which are the usual reasons) it’s a concerning matter. The doctors say that as long as my count is above 30k it’s fine. But I don’t understand why the recommended range is 1.5 lakh to 4 lakh. I’m not feeling very tired or anything, so hopefully everything will become alright. The past months have been so taxing to my mom regarding my health, and I feel guilty for it. I hope it all clears up soon.

It’s Ethnic day in college today!

I’m in fact writing this a few days in advance because I know that I’ll have assignments and other stuff to do. Ethnic day is basically one day in a year when all the students wear sarees etc—clothes which relate to their religion—during the day. We’ll have classes as normal, but we’ll just be dressed up. Now, I’m not a fan of dressing up and I tried to get out of the two occasions which required it during senior year. To no avail, though. My friends pestered me until I attended. This time, too, it’s the same. I will definitely go to college, and wear something dressy, but whether I’ll dress up completely and go all-for-it like others still remains to be seen. I honestly would have skipped if I didn’t have programming lab that day. One of my friends is even resorting to threats to make me dress up really good. I’m threatening her back that if she wants me to come at all, I’ll wear what I want.

I went out a few times with friends

I usually don’t simply go out with friends far from home to hang out, mostly because my mom is very over-protective and doesn’t allow me to. (Being 18 isn’t like other countries here) So I kinda lied to her and went out three times to different places, watched La la land, and had loads of fun. I’m not planning to do it again soon, though. Lying to parents about my whereabouts doesn’t come to me easily.

My best friend is a heavenly gift on Earth

In all the years I’ve known her, I haven’t really told Hem about my depression. And lately I’ve been breaking down a lot more and I knew that if I talk to her I’ll feel better. But I won’t be able to pretend since she’ll know from the tone of my voice that I’m not okay. So I finally broke and told her everything late night after spending a whole evening crying.
Sure, she yelled at me for never telling her and she regretted that she never knew or even suspected that I’m not in a good place mentally. So the next day, she set up a small surprise for me which meant everything. When I came home from college, my dad told me that a friend came by (didn’t tell me the name). Since it was in the afternoon and usually no one comes, I didn’t suspect anything. He said that she kept something on my table. I find this on my table:

It’s the Oreo Silk chocolate bar, which we all love, a few Pulse toffees which I’m pretty much obsessed with, and the Red Velvet Cornetto ice cream cone which I wanted to try so badly (it tastes really good, if you’re wondering). And with them, the one-sentence note. This made my day a thousand watts brighter and I just couldn’t stop grinning! She’s my best valentine ❤

And that’s about it, for this month! How was your last month? Anything new happen? What did you do different? Tell me everything!

6 thoughts on “Life Update || mostly normal stuff”

  1. Awww your friend sounds so so lovely!! I’m glad you opened up to her; having such a good friend is awesome. The day sounds pretty cool too – we don’t have anything like that in our country I don’t think, unless I’m mistaken. I’m glad things aren’t going too badly; it’s great that you now have a routine and aren’t bored. I love these posts of yours!

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    1. Thank you! I guess ethnic day appeared because we have a few too many religions and traditions: everyone with their own traditional dresses. It’s something like prom (we don’t have that here) only there’s no dates.


  2. It’s so great that you have a best friend like that! Someone who keeps you feeling lifted and positive when they are around as opposed to bringing you down. It’s really wonderful to see!

    Liked by 1 person

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