10 study-related blog post ideas


I’ve been thinking of doing posts like this for a while now, to help y’all if you run out of ideas (heaven forbid). This was the first topic I wanted to recommend on. Maybe because I’ve been watching too many study related YouTube videos? Possible.

1. Your weekday/weekend study routine.

If you have a set study routine, I’m sure we’d all like to know. I’m not sure of everyone else but I personally love knowing others’ routines.

2. Subjects you’re studying in school/college.

I know that quite a few people like to know what others are studying currently. This could also give an opening for others to ask you about those subjects.

3. What’s in your bag.

This could be a general post too, if you carry around a handbag or a purse. Talk about all your essentials you carry with you.

4. How you keep your notes.

Every person’s study method is different and sometimes the major difference is how the person maintains their notes. In notebooks maintained separately for every subject? One notebook for all? Files and binders? Do you also maintain summarized notes for revising before the exam? Do you rewrite notes?

5. How you study ______.

Pick a subject and talk about how you study for it. The same study method cannot be applied for all subjects. You could describe everything you do for the subject and it might be helpful for others—especially if they’re studying that subject too.

6. Websites/apps you use to help you study.

List all of them and what they do. They could be for quizzes, flashcards, locking your phone to cut distractions etc.

7. Favourite study blogs/YouTube channels/Instagrams/studyblrs.

All of those which post aethetic pictures, tips and helpful stuff. Those which motivate you to study. It’s so cool that studyblr is a whole community just like fandoms. Nerds, of both types, are awesome. *wink*

8. How to get motivated to study.

9. How to cut distractions.

Honestly these two are the most required for all of us. Share what you do to achieve that goal.

10. Music to study to.

This would be pretty nice to know, to be honest. Music to help concentrate and get in the zone instead of singing along.

Granted, I haven’t done posts like these yet, but that’s because I don’t really have some good tips to share. These are some things that I would like to read and know.

Do you like reading study-related blogs or watching similar YouTube videos? Also let me know if you want me to suggest blog post topics for a category and I’ll do my best! 

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