The Space Between Us || the story I wanted without knowing it


Name of the movie: The Space Between Us

Director: Peter Chelsom

Starring cast: Asa Butterfield, Britt Robertson, Gary Oldman, Carla Gugino

Genres: Romance, Drama, Adventure

Duration: 2 hours

Released: Early 2017 (dates differ in different countries)

An STX Entertainment movie.


I saw the trailer for this movie when I went for La la land with my friends, and I loved it. All of us said that we HAVE to watch it when it releases. We’d never heard of the movie, but then there wasn’t much advertisement for it. When it did release, it was only showing for three days in the theater nearest, which SUCKED because we couldn’t postpone it! Finally, my friends dropped out and I went with my mom (which was a bit awkward). Until then I lived on trailers and clips on YouTube.

Why I wanted to watch it:

  • Asa Butterfield. He is SO CUTE. I’ve never come across him before. And I really loved his character, Gardner Elliot, in the trailer.
  • Britt Robertson. I wouldn’t she’s one of my absolute favourite actresses, but I do like everything she’s acted in. The Secret Circle (TV show which showed only one season, to my dismay) and The First Time (movie with Dylan O’Brien). I’ve been stalking her Wiki page to watch more but haven’t gotten to it yet.
  • THE PLOT. I’ll get to it in a minute.
The Plot

In 2018, six astronauts go on a mission to Mars, not to visit, but to live there. Only after did they realise that one of them in pregnant. Shortly after their landing on Mars, she goes into labour and dies giving birth to Garnder. Then, forward to sixteen years later where technology has improved (but not that much). Gardner is smart—basically a genius. He has known only 14 people in his life and dreams of going to Earth. He also talks to a street-smart girl named Tulsa (who lives on Earth) on the internet. She doesn’t know he lives on Mars, of course.

There, of course, has been talk by the company leading the mission about bringing Gardner back to Earth but he apparently can’t handle the Earth’s gravity. His heart is too large, bone density different etc. And also they have to keep up their PR. So, Gardner remains a secret from almost everyone.

Sixteen years later, they finally bring him to Earth. But, they do a load of tests and he realises that the other never meant to let him free as he’s a secret. Therefore, he runs away and goes to Tulsa. This ends up in them going on a road trip, him learning ways of Earth, trying to find his father and also falling in love.

(While getting the links for the trailers, I ended up watching them again and swooning)

My views in a list:
  • Gardner is PERFECT. Asa Butterfield did a splendid job on acting. It felt so real.
  • Tulsa. She’s a street-smart girl who is in foster care. I honestly didn’t like her character very much. She was nice, but Gardner took my heart.
  • The beginning. Too much time was spent on Gardner’s mom and her her pregnancy time. I could have gone with a five minute introduction because quite a few scenes weren’t required.
  • Representation of Earth. Since we all live here, we take most of it for granted. But seeing Gardner see Earth for the first time, I saw through new eyes too and there is so much beauty.
  • Gardner is a romantic. I love that he simply blurts out if he thinks Tulsa is beautiful. And his lines were really cheesy in some places, but I did kinda like it. Coming from him, it felt natural, not scripted.
  • Kendra. I really liked her as a mother figure. She raised Gardner on Mars. She’s really cool.
  • Gardner learning the ways of Earth were MY FAVOURITE THINGS. 
  • The romance was really cute and fluffy. I loved it. Essentially the movie is a love story. It gave me so many feels.
  • The ending. The last scenes were open ended. It shows us about what would happen in the future, but also not giving us that. I have a love-hate relationship with it. I have to admit—it’s a brilliant tactic by the writers. How much every fluffy they would have made the ending if they showed it, people would have found ways it could be better. An open ending leaves us to possibilities, and therefore leaving us happy to our own imagination.

LOVED the movie. I am totally going to download it later and keep it. I already want to re-watch it. Highly recommended if you like YA romances.


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