My sunday morning routine

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I love getting to know other people’s routines. Sometimes I pick up something that I could do as well. And therefore, I thought I’d share my routine too. The reason this is named “Sunday” routine is because I have college Monday through Saturday and Sundays are the only days I do something other than the basics in the morning.

  • Wake up late. Anytime from 8 am to 10:30 am.
  • Brush my teeth, freshen up.
  • Open the windows in my room. This is a morning staple for me. It allows the light to brighten up my room and make it look alive. I need sunlight to feel active and awake.
  • Make my bed while watching a YouTube video. Most of the time its a vlog of either PointlessBlog or Zoella. Since their videos go up late in the night for me, I watch them next morning. Their vlogs are really fun to watch. Seeing Nala (their dog) genuinely makes me feel better. I also get to make my bed only on sundays since the other days I’m simply rushing to college and don’t spend much time at home to care about my bed. But since it’s a holiday and I’m at home, making my bed makes me feel less sluggish.
  • Have a glass of milk. After making my bed I go out and greet my parents and my dad makes me a glass of milk while making breakfast for himself and mum. If I wake up before 9:30 am, I opt for a late breakfast and milk then, otherwise I have breakfast.
  • I either hang out with them in the living room watching TV or I take my milk and blog while drinking it. As I usually don’t find time to blog in weekdays, Sundays are the only days I blog.
  • I stay on my laptop for about a couple hours blogging with music playing from an 8tracks playlist.
  • I have breakfast around 10:30 am which sometimes falls in the middle of my blogging session. If so, I pause to have breakfast and then come back.
  • After I’m done blogging, I start on an assignment due the following week in college and try to drag my productivity streak for as long as I can (usually till 1 or 1:30 pm).

And that basically describes my Sunday mornings! I hope you liked read it.

Do you have a Sunday/weekend routine? If yes, what is it? If not, would you like to have a routine?

13 thoughts on “My sunday morning routine”

  1. I really love reading about other people’s schedules and trying to incorporate their routine into mine – I also think it’s something that can really help motivate you if you’ve become a bit sluggish with your routine. I am currently developing a routine and plan on writing a blog post all about it once it’s properly official and engrained into my life 🙂

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      1. Thank you! My morning routine is going quite well so hopefully it won’t be too long before I can write a post and hopefully I will soon start a night routine too as I quite often work way into the night and don’t give myself any time to wind-down and relax at the end of the day and I need to rest more haha! So once they’re established I will definitely be writing some posts! 🙂

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      2. I always tend to stay up late because I’m not tired enough physically to fall asleep quickly. I need to incorporate some exercises into my night routine. I’ll be waiting for your routines!

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  2. I love reading about people’s routines! If I feel like I can have a Treat Yo’self Sunday, then I wake up relatively early and take myself to my favourite cafe in the city centre, and order a coffee and a pancake stack. I usually stay there for a couple of hours reading and then when I get home I do some blogging stuff and catch up on Youtube videos 🙂

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