When We Collided || I liked it but I didn’t too?

when we collided.jpgTitle: When We Collided

Author: Emery Lord

Genre: YA contemporary


We are seventeen and shattered and still dancing. We have messy, throbbing hearts, and we are stronger than anyone could ever know…

Jonah never thought a girl like Vivi would come along.

Vivi didn’t know Jonah would light up her world.

Neither of them expected a summer like this…a summer that would rewrite their futures.

In an unflinching story about new love, old wounds, and forces beyond our control, two teens find that when you collide with the right person at just the right time, it will change you forever.


I’ve read a few books by Emery Lord before and I liked them, but this one, I’m not sure about. I did like this a lot at some parts but others, I just didn’t, you know? (Also, this has been my third contemporary romance in three days. During tests. #priorities)

Talking about the plot..

I really liked the beginning of the book and how the characters were introduced, how they met and all of that. I just could see myself loving this story. It gave me such a good feel. After that, things went rocky. My like-feeling kept decreasing little by little by little. By the end, I had mixed feelings. Very mixed feelings about the book.

Let’s talk about the characters:

  • Vivi is over-the-top. She’s unpredictable, high all the time (in the sense of energy and activeness), a roller coaster ride and not really stable. I got that from the beginning. But as we go on, we find out that she’s actually bipolar, and that’s when things start to click in place. I didn’t really relate to Vivi but I could sort of understand where she was at.
  • Jonah is down-to-earth. He’s the stable, caring, responsible and patient. He’s also going through a rough patch as his dad died recently and his mom is just burrowing into herself in grief. Since his two older siblings and he take care of the younger siblings, he’s become more mature and responsible, and has acquired dad-tendencies.
  • Leah, Jonah’s youngest sibling, I loved easily. She’s five and is normally shy around people, but opens up to Vivi very quickly because of Vivi’s persistence and sunshine personality.

Now, the romance:

  • In the beginning, only two chapters in, I could totally picture Jonah and Vivi together and was ready to go down with this ship. In the beginning.
  • Once I got a handle on their personalities, I couldn’t understand how they would stay together forever, or at least long term, because they were too different and they relationship between them would always be rocky due to their personalities.
  • I’m not going to say anything more because I’d spoil everything.



I sort-of liked it but I also didn’t. If you think you would like this book, go ahead and give it a go. It just wasn’t for me, I guess.


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