January Wrap-up


Hey y’all!

This month has been a little slow for me. I finished up the last two semester finals, and have been on vacations ever since. Semester 2 was supposed to start on 27th of Jan but got postponed to the 6th of this month. My mom immediately booked train tickets to go back to my grandparents’ for another few days, which I dread, but I can’t oppose. My physical health hasn’t been good either, and after taking a blood test we found that my platelets count is less even though I haven’t been ill. So that’s a pressing matter.

Anyway, on to my reading.

No. of books read: 15

Therefore, my Goodreads challenge stands at 16/150. (I finished another today morning)

Book reviews:

Other blog posts:













TV shows I watched this month

I finally saw Stranger Things, and I loved it. I’m sure most of you have already watched it, but if you haven’t, I definitely recommend. Advised not to watch on a queasy stomach or while/immediately after having something to eat.

I watched another couple episodes of The Missing. It’s very interesting but I think I would prefer watching it with someone. Every time I go to watch it, I end up watching a different show. I still do want to finish it though.

I finished watching season 2 of Modern Family and am half-way through season 3. I had watched a few episodes of both these seasons when it came on TV but I couldn’t watch it regularly and finish it. So I’m binge-watching it when I want to feel good. The show is very entertaining.

Songs I listened to on repeat


Best on Instagram

My best friend is back to blogging!

This is his blog. I’ve already been mentioned twice! (One of the blog posts is completely about me lol)

And that’s about it for my January!


How was your January? What shows did you watch? What music were you obsessed with? Did you read any books which surprised you? Any new thing happen in your life? Let me know all about it! P.S. I would love some feedback on the new way of my Wrap-ups. Thank you!



2 thoughts on “January Wrap-up”

  1. Do you sometimes think of shutting down this blog when no one comments ? I mean , you put in so many efforts to do all this and no one answers your questions so….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Initially well this blog was for me, so no I don’t want to shut it down. And I do get comments often, so I’m not disappointed


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