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Hey everyone! I’ve been way too lazy the past week, doing nothing productive and just whiling away time. I did go out the whole day a couple days back but that’s it. I’ve been thinking about doing this post since today morning but I just didn’t feel like. Instead, I spent the day watching Modern Family.

Anyway, here are the answers to the questions asked on this post.

The first three questions were asked by Regina.

1. Would you prefer to read minds or control people with your mind?

Read minds, definitely. I’m more of an intuitive person who likes to know what others are thinking and feeling. Controlling minds seems more Doofenshmertz’s style (yes I just brought Phineas and Ferb into this)

2. What’s your favourite musical instrument? (the one that sounds the coolest to you)

That sounds the coolest? The cello. I love listening to people playing it.

3. Say 5 things you’d do if someone told you you’re dying tomorrow. (sorry for being lugubrious, hehe)

(I just looked up the meaning of lugubrious)(looking or sounding sad and dismal)

  • First tell everyone I love how much I appreciate them.
  • Write a whole post on my blog saying goodbye for now. (I believe in reincarnations)
  • I would go on a roller coaster. I’ve never been on one before because I’m afraid of height and have motion sickness. But I would do it if that’s the last chance I get.
  • I would eat pizza. And ice cream.
  • I would read as many books as I can 😛

This following question is asked by Megan @ bookslayerReads

If you wrote an autobiography, what would the title be?

Interesting… and hard. I haven’t really done much in life to have a substantial autobiography. Everything I thought about doesn’t seem good so.. maybe “Just a life”? I think that’s the best one I’ve got.

Thank you for your questions! Y’all have a great day!


How long have you been blogging for? What the most interesting question you’ve ever been asked? What would be the title of YOUR autobiography?


4 thoughts on “Q&A answers”

  1. Hi, I really like your blog!
    Interesting questions, hmmm. There are so many! I once got asked, “What do you think falling off a cliff would be like.” At another time, someone said, “If you were in the middle of writing a book and then died, who would you want to finish your work?”

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      1. I believe I answered “Um… ow?” to the first question, but I can’t remember what my final decision was for who would finish writing my book for me. I do remember that it involved a lengthy discussion about whether we could choose actual authors, and if they had to be alive. Then someone pointed out that if a dead author could finish for us, then we could technically choose ourselves. 😀

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