Things you should keep in mind when asking me for book recommendations

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All of us who read a lot have been, at least once, asked for book recommendations. I get asked a lot because I used to be the only one in my school in my year who read so much. Seeing how I was all the time happy, crazy and talking about books like they’re reality made a lot of my friends want to read and see what the big deal was.

This was very cool, because I managed to convert quite a few of my friends into readers. One of my friends, even though she complains about me putting books before anything else, said that she admires how I don’t have any life (read: friends and dating) problems because I’m totally content and happy with my books. This has also followed me to college where I’ve made two people interested in reading. Only one actually followed through, but it’s the thought that counts right?

Here are a few of my tendencies when asked for recommendations:

1. I will ask what type of book do you want.

Sure, they won’t know really but I would like to narrow down genres and certain things. Example: Anything specific you want to read about-like vampires, fae? Anything you don’t like? Love story? etc

2. You have to keep me updated on any and all feels you have while reading it

‘Cuz I love that. It reminds of my thoughts when I first read the book, and it just feels so nice to see them have the same feels, confusion, love and hate when reading. I love knowing what’s coming up and just waiting for them to get to it. It’s almost like I’m reading it again through them.

3. Do NOT ask me “are you sure this book is good?”


4. If you don’t like the book, don’t tell me the details

Just let me down gently by saying something like, “this book isn’t my type, thanks though” or “I’m not a reader, I give up.” Do NOT spew hate to me or talk about all the things wrong with it. I WILL FIGHT YOU. GENTLY WALK AWAY.

5. When I say he’s mine, HE’S MINE

I have this one friend I recommend a lot to, and every single time I say in advance that “(this-guy) is MINE and you cannot claim him” but she DOES. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. She loves the book, she comes to me, and says that RHYSAND IS HERS?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME. NO. NO. NO.

I had to convince her so many times for MONTHS to read ACOTAR and she kept saying that she doesn’t think she’ll like it. Finally, she does and I told her in the beginning that Rhys is mine but in the end she comes to ME and says that he is HERS and that I don’t get him?! Excuuse me, you ungrateful tomato, I WAS THE ONE WHO INTRODUCED YOU TO HIM AND THE FACT THE I LET YOU SEE HIM IS A BIG THING. You didn’t even want to read the series! I made you! *cough* I’m sorry but I hate that. I had to rant.

Be a grateful little pastry and understand that he’s mine and you can only feast your eyes on him. Bye.


So these are a few things I will be listing out to any one who asks me for book recommendations from now on as a warning.

Do you have any such tendencies when recommending books? Or even when you let someone borrow your stuff? Let me know below!

15 thoughts on “Things you should keep in mind when asking me for book recommendations”

  1. I very recently convinced my best friend to start reading and recommended one of the bets which I liked the most.
    I also felt the same, when he started discussing his reading experience with me, I just re lived my experiences of my first book.
    Lovely post, anyways can you recommend some book for me, non fictional one though.

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