Life Update

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Hey y’all! When you’re reading this I’ll be at my maternal grandparents’ place, trying to get through these days and just get back home because, well, I’m not fond of this place and my relatives. But let’s forget that, and let’s catch up on everything that’s happened since we last spoke, shall we?

Birthday and New Year’s

The first thing I’ll talk about is my 18th birthday. There wasn’t much fanfare, as most of my friends were not in the city since it was holidays. A couple of my best friends came over and we just hung out, had pizza as I had been craving for that a lot and that’s it. My family doesn’t do much for New Year’s because one, it’s not OUR New Year’s and two, we don’t party. So I spent it at home watching TV with mom and went online at 12 to respond to wishes. I tried to watch the fireworks which were lit at a mess really close to home but the trees in front of our balcony blocked most of the view from that direction.



The last two of my semester exams were held later so all I did was study study and study. I had set up my Jan bullet journal spreads a couple weeks in advance because I knew I wouldn’t be able to during exams so I was covered there. My last exam ended on 6th and I had already accumulated a list of things I wanted to do in the holidays. The first five days of my tiny vacation were spent busy. I got creative and made bookmarks, blogged, caught up on my reviews and read books.

A funny drawing a friend made.

Design Your Destiny

Design Your Destiny are a set of worksheets to do for a few weeks which help in setting your goals for 2017 and properly planning. You know that I’m all about planning, and I signed up for it during exams and saved the worksheets. Once I was free, I sat down to do them and I actually liked the worksheets! As I had already planned my resolutions, the last two worksheet sets weren’t as useful. It required to plan everything and get all of it down right then, and I wasn’t comfortable with that. I love planning, but I don’t plan every single thing and tend to stay a little flexible. These worksheets are made by Kim at Sublime Reflection (@bossgirlbujo on IG).

My Bullet Journal

I’ve shifted to a new notebook for my next bullet journal as, fortunately, the last one ended right on time. I’m using the Doodle notebook which I talked about in this post. It’s working pretty well and I’m trying to keep a bit minimalistic with colours and cursive only for the headings and quotes. It goes good, and I love it! I will show pictures of my January spreads next month.


Some planning related to the blog

Since my blog does not pertain to only one topic such as books or planning, there are many monthly posts I could do. There are wrap-ups, life updates, challenge updates, TBR for the month etc. I finally narrowed the ones I want to do monthly and I have a clear idea. For now, my plan is to post 5 reviews a month and the monthly posts spread out.

I also see such wonderful weekly blog posts started by bloggers such as Stacking the Shelves and Top Ten Tuesdays. While I still think about doing them, I simply have a few too many posts to do and I’d rather not type up posts and publish them immediately, like how they require. If you’re not aware, I usually type up posts in advance and schedule them. Like, right now, I’m actually writing this a couple days in advance because I can’t when I’m at my grandparents’. Scheduling takes off so much stress and I’m never worried about blogging because I usually have the posts down in advance.

I’m also planning to make my wrap-ups better and more fun. Let’s hope it works!


Charley and I missed December due to school and college but we hosted one this month on the 14th and we spoke about 2017 plans. We also put up a poll for what you want us to discuss next month. When this post goes up, the poll will still be up, so make sure to vote your choice if you want to join!

P.S. we have made a group for this. If you’d like to be added to it to receive instant updates on further chats, comment below with your twitter handle and I’ll add you.


Chilling with friends

My best friends Hem and Mana live close by and therefore we meet very frequently. And by that I mean almost every day, now that our college classes are off.

Basically us

We meet so often that on the days we don’t, everyone is shocked. Last week we didn’t meet for a couple dates straight and when Mana told her friends that through text, they didn’t believe her. They were pretty shocked. The same day, this was my conversation with mom:

Me: “I’ll go grocery shopping with dad in the evening.”

Mom: “When are you meeting your friends?”

Me: “I’m not meeting them today.”

Mom: “Why not?? It’s been a while.”

Me: “Umm.. it’s only been two days?”

Mom: “Well, yeah, but you three would meet every eight hours if that was possible!”

We three laughed a lot about it when we met next.


Since we three are almost totally free anyway, I roped them into helping me with bookstagram photoshoots. I’ve started posting ebook photos and have also decided on a theme! Until now I totally wasn’t sure on what theme I could use, because everything was already being used. The one I decided on now came up out of the blue when I was trying to think how to set up a shot. The besties said it sounded good, so we got on that and took about half a dozen set-ups. We took about 20 shots of each with different filters, angles and light settings. It’ll be hard for me to choose.

I’m planning to start on the theme a few weeks later, once I’ve posted all the photos which don’t go with the theme first. Fingers crossed it’ll come out well!

a study in charlotte ebook.jpg

And that’s about it! My second semester classes begin January 27th. The holidays are flying by so fast! Every day I relax, I feel unproductive and that I wasted a day. Oh well.

What’s new in your life? What are you doing? Have you planned anything for your blog? How is your 2017 going up until now? I want to know everything! 

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