What NOT to do when you are studying

All of us have faced the problem of not being able to concentrate while studying. What is the problem? Distractions. But then, you already know that, and my blogger goal isn’t to tell you everything you already know.

Today, I’m here to mention a few things which could cut down your distractions while studying:

When you have a small doubt, note it down and continue or skip that topic for now. Don’t immediately seek the answer from your friends

Unless, of course, you’re a person who HAS to know it that very moment. Now, why do I say this? Isn’t it supposed to be the opposite for studying better?

Well, sure, it would be. If only you didn’t have to pick up your phone to text or call a friend to ask the doubt. Many times, I’ve unlocked my phone (which I kept far away from me so I wouldn’t check on it again and again) only to find notifications and unread messages. By the time I’m done with them, I forget my initial intent and end up texting useless stuff or surfing social media. This totally defeats the purpose!

If you find yourself doing something similar, I suggest marking the topic to ask someone later and continue with another topic. If it’s a doubt in the basics or is important for further topics, then make sure you only ask the doubt and get back and don’t lose your way.

Don’t study on the dining table or the bed

This was something suggested by my school counselor last year, and it makes so much sense.

A dining table is a place where you eat. If you study there, you tend to think about food and would want to eat, hence not giving all your attention to the subject. Since we’re talking about eating, try not to eat while studying either. Looking for a distraction, your brain might be giving more attention to the food rather than the subject. I’ve found myself taking snacks to eat while studying but end up just eating and not studying.

Similarly, bed is for sleeping. Studying on the bed tends to make you feel sleepy and if you are fighting sleep, you won’t study well. Or worse, (expelled?) falling asleep while studying. Now that will end up in zero productivity, and remorse when you wake up from the delightful nap.

Don’t study passively

What does that mean? Let me explain.

Just reading text and trying to remember wouldn’t do much good, unless you’re one of the very rare for whom this works. If you’re like me, half the information will dissolve away as you read further.

Use highlighters, sticky notes and whatever else. Jot down points elsewhere, make a “summary” sheet or a sheet with all the formulae. Actively doing something while studying helps in remembering and not becoming bored, sleepy and unattentive.

I love making sheets to revise right before the exam, using a lot of colours and highlighting things. And therefore, studying is a bit better, and that bit makes a lot of difference.

When you settle down to study, try not to have other obligations to do after a certain period of time

What do I mean by this, you ask? Suppose one evening, you have to go out at 7 and you start studying at 5. I find that I keep checking the time and rush through studying, therefore not being very effective at it. Once I realised that I was better off studying without a limit and with other events lining up, I changed up my schedule. Now, I do some of my homework or assignments in that period of time. I reserve studying for when I don’t have a very restricting time limit.

These were a few things I noticed and improved on through my studies, and I hope they were helpful!

Do you have any tips for what not to do when studying? How have you adapted your studying methods according to your habits? 

10 thoughts on “What NOT to do when you are studying”

  1. Though I have crossed this extensive-studying phase of my life, but as they say ‘Life is an ever learning journey’, these points will certainly help me. πŸ™‚
    In fact, some of these like using different colors, I have been using this technique from such a long time that I don’t even remember when I started doing it, and now at 22, that habit is instilled within me in a way that I cannot get rid of.
    All the best for your studies, girl. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yeah, that’s true enough :3
    Nice stuff πŸ™‚
    I always read on my bed, sigh. I know it isn’t good buut…
    I slept while studying for my boards a lot. I’d read a lot. Nap without knowing. Wake up an hour later and go berserk lmao
    Studying gets on me nerves. Unless it’s wildly interesting stuff or learning something amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. All of these tips are so helpful! Love your posts!! By the way, I nominated you for the Real Neat Blog Award because your site has such a good layout and your posts are really interesting! Go to my site to find everything you have to know!! Thanks πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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