2017 resolutions


New Year’s resolutions is a thing, but to be honest, I’ve never set resolutions exactly. Most years I have some goals and plans as to what I want to do but no time have I taken it seriously and actually followed through. I didn’t even set goals! They were just passing thoughts.

Last year, I decided not to keep any goals because I had no idea what the year would bring and frankly, setting long term goals is not my thing. I just go with the flow. But I decided that it’s time to be an adult as I’m 18 now (since 2 days) and I should have some picture of what I would like my life to be. And not just “goals” but plans too, because what are goals if not the beginning of plans?

1. Blog better

Blogging has become a huge part of my life now! I spend quite some time drafting posts and planning etc. I want to improve my blog by publishing better posts, producing better content, redesigning my blog and also make more effort on social media. I hardly promote my blog on my twitter and I post infrequently on Instagram. I want to bring my stats up, post more and also have fun with it!

2. Be more crafty

I love DIY crafts. And since I hardly have any book merch (shipping costs too much), I thought I’d make some myself like bookmarks and mugs and art prints. I also want to sketch and paint again. I used to but I didn’t in 2016 at all because I didn’t have the time and later, motivation. So I plan to get back on that! I’m hoping it will also make my bookstagram pictures better, not gonna lie.

3. Catch up with friends more frequently

I only recently realised how many acquaintances and friends I have. Many times, it’s them who reach out to me, especially if they’re not someone I meet regularly like my squad. It might show as if I’m not putting any effort into the friendship, so I want to initiate conversations and meet-ups with them. Being an introvert, I don’t like making plans involving going outside and such but I gotta make some effort and do this! I’m usually the one who just goes along with the plan made.

4. Write!

I’ll admit, I’m not that much of a writer; but I do like writing. So I want to write poems and short stories and maybe a novel-length one too, even if just for my satisfaction. I also have to finish writing the stories I started on this blog. One of them, I only have to conclude, but I’m not getting to it. I should.

5. Manage my time

Maintaining a bullet journal this year has helped in keeping my schedule straight and not forgetting things and getting stuff done. But I still waste a lot of time, sometimes simply by staring at the wall or the time in between obligations. If I have to go out in an hour, I don’t start doing anything because I can’t complete; and so I waste time. I should start managing time better because 10 hours 6 days a week goes to attending college classes and travelling alone, I don’t have much of down time. Add into the mix blogging and reading and socializing plus assignments—phew!

6. Sign up for mailing lists!

I’ve been putting this off because I have absolutely no idea how to email publishers! Several blogger get books and all I do is get jealous by seeing their Instagram stories. I have to get on with it and get myself on that list too!

7. Take better care of myself

I don’t take care of my skin or my mental health or my body. I have to have some self-pampering time and take care of myself! This winter I’ve had so much problem with my skin because I didn’t take care of it properly and my wound is not healing because of the same. I’m also getting more head aches and becoming snappy. Gotta schedule in some me-time without books.


And, that’s about it. Most of these are small day-to-day things which will make life better overall and that’s my goal. There are no big milestones that I want to cross, that will happen when it will and I’m not going to pressure myself for it. I’ll just concentrate on small things that make a lot of difference.

(Also, can I mention how many people say 2017 is going to be their year. Does that mean the years after that won’t? We should say that every year from 2017 will be our year, maybe?)

Have you set any goals or resolutions for this year? Do you have any plans or milestones that you expect to cross? 

37 thoughts on “2017 resolutions”

  1. Yes I like that. Every year should be ‘our’ year, whether it’s a good one or not – we learn and grow from everything. Good luck with these goals. I’m still in the process of thinking about mine. Happy late birthday and happy new year!

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  2. Happy new year! I’m with you on the crafty stuff for bookstagram. For the emailing publishers, I want to say @booksandladders (Twitter) did a post with a template and all that if you wanted to contact her. That’s where I got my stuff for emailing publishers. Otherwise, if you have an e-reader you can go on NetGalley and request books there. Hope this helps! 🙂

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    1. I will be signing up for NetGalley now once my finals are done! I’m finally 18 for it lol. And thanks for the tip! I’ll check out her blog for it 😁 and hope you have a lovely year too!

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  3. I hope you can reach all your goals for 2017!! XD And yes, why do people say this is gonna be their year? Most of those people say that every year!!
    And your blog is already amazing!! But it’s awesome that you wanna overcome yourself, something really to admire!! Looking forward to all the new things you do on your blog! XD I also wanna hang out more with my friends more, I think I don’t meet them as much as I’d like to. I also love DIYs, I’m always planning on doing some but I end up forgetting! 😛
    It’s really cool too that you wanna take care of yourself, that’s a great thing to do! And speaking of acne and stuff, my face has been getting more pimply (if I can call it that) lately! Idk it if’s the teenage hormones or just eating too much chocolate since Xmas!! XD
    And you have a wound on your face? What happened?
    I loved this post!! XD

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    1. Firstly, seeing big comments makes me happy because it means my whole blog post has stuff to talk about so thank you!!
      Thank you so much! I’m really glad you like my blog 😁
      I think your acne is teenage hormones lol. I actually got a wound on my leg and earlier on was prescribed a very strong antibiotic cream for it which incited a skin allergy and now it’s a constant problem even though it’s been four months! All because of one clumsy fall on the bus. I get more worried every day and I need to take care of it.

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      1. Your posts are really something to talk about! And no prob!
        And yeah, of course I love your blawg!! XD
        And yeah, most probably it is! And LOL it was on your leg, sorry! XD 😛 Hope you get better soon! And really? On the bus? That’s nothing, once I broke my leg and it was a simple fall on the floor, I was just standing there. But I was 5 so meh 😛
        But seriously though, hope you get better soon!

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