How my year has been

(this will be a long post, brace yourselves :P)

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Time seems to move so fast, and yet so slow. I honestly can’t believe how quickly this month even went by. It almost feels like only two days back I was reminded by my friend that my birthday is a month away, and yet here we are today!

Everyone’s life is different, and how this year was for everyone would obviously be different. Somewhere out there a person now believes in love, while another would have conquered their fear of heights. Someone would have opened up a business of their own, and several someones had their first baby. Every year is a beginning and an end. Every day is. That’s why we call every day a new beginning, because every day you are someone you have never been before, and you have a choice to completely change yourself. You have a multitudes of choices the second you wake up every day.


Summarizing 366 days (this was a leap year peeps!) in one blog post will be hard. There have been so many developments this year, so many changes, good things and bad things. I could have altogether skipped this and just recapped my blogging journey on my blog’s first anniversary. I could have done a post on things I’m leaving behind this year, or anything else. But as much as I find this daunting, I want to recap on the highlights of this year. I find that there is something so magical about looking back on a period of time—you notice the ways in which you’ve changed, and how you’re also still the same.

A year back today, I was in school, attending extra classes which were held to complete the syllabus. I was more worried about my studies and how I would manage all of that in the coming months, to notice that in two days a new year begins. 2016 was a year where I didn’t make any resolutions or goals, because I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go and I wasn’t even sure of where I was. The last months of 12th grade were like a stretched period of being in between, not here in school but not there in college. Everything, everything, banked upon my studies and how well I did in my finals. I had long since stopped reading much novels so as to make myself study more and reduce distractions. It hindered me and I ended up being not really happy or enjoying my days. I finally started reading again in the prime time right before exams when I shouldn’t have but I needed something other than studies! To vent and share my thoughts I started this blog, and I am so glad I did.


This year has been recorded and evaluated more because I blogged; and I blogged about my life, new hobbies took up, new interests, and some journal entries. I actually used to keep journals 6th through 9th grades and afterwards I just didn’t want to write. Writing made me slow and there was so much in my head I wanted to get down, my hand couldn’t catch up. Finally, I just didn’t have the time and I stopped.

In 2016 I wrote too many exams. There were pre-finals and finals for 12th grade, entrance tests to get into college, three sets of college internal tests and also most of my semester finals. Two are left yet.

I’ve had two of my very close friendships fray, and I mourned for both of them. I dated for the first time, and we broke up after only three weeks. (If you’ve been following me for a few months, you’d know, I spoke all about it) I was asked out by someone else after that, but I declined (well this year was eventful for my “love life”). I’ve had complications, narrowly avoided fights by being blunt and direct and making everything clear. The only constants in my life are my squad and my inner circle. Only after beginning college, after we’ve all been separated, have I realised how amazing our friendship is. My group will NEVER grow apart. Our parents expected it to happen like all other school friendships, that we’ll grow out of it and soon lose touch. We didn’t think that, but mostly we hoped that we wouldn’t.

The thing is, I don’t think we noticed it much, except that we couldn’t make immediate plans like earlier. We all still talk and meet often and talk to one another individually, and there is absolutely no distance because we don’t study in the same institutions anymore. All of us knew our group was something special but until recently we had a very big thing in common. We, too, weren’t sure what would happen if that denominator was removed, and nothing happened.


A friend and I were only talking about this the other day, how after beginning classes in college and making friends we’ve realised that not all school friendships are like this. Everyone tries to keep in touch and meet but almost immediately there’s a little distance, which will grow, which is what our parents told us would happen. All of my friends in college don’t talk much about their school friends. The seniors advice that we should make good friends and groups and that these will stay throughout the years, even after college. Every other freshman is trying to make concrete friends while I am in the midst mentioning my school friends so frequently. My friend, whom I was talking to about this, was saying that she’s really close to me to a college friend of hers, and that we were for life, if not anyone else, and her friend apparently became offended because he thought he was that. Hardly anyone expects that you’d stay so close to your school friends, you know?

Now, school friends are the ones who have seen me change and know me totally, but college friends are only acquainted with the more outgoing me and the crazy me. I actually know a lot of people in college that I myself am surprised! And I can almost see long-lasting friendships in the making :’) Can I just have a little dance that I made new friends and didn’t remain a lone person like I expected as I’m an introvert? (It almost happened by the way. I only narrowly missed that outcome.) I’m part of a very cool group of friends in college, and I absolutely love hanging out with them.

Okay, enough about my love for all my friends or I’ll go on and on.

While writing this post I sent the previous line to my best friend Hem, and this is what she replied on SnapChat

I not only visited the first beach ever in my life, I visited TWO this year! There wasn’t much travelling , with no stretch of holidays available, so those were the two travel highlights. I also made an Instagram account solely for my blog. I can post book stuff on there, yas! One of my friends actually complained that I posted too much of books on my personal account. I also started using twitter, once I made one “for the blog”. Honestly it shows more of what I do in my life than stuff on the blog. I also got Pinterest! Basically my social media life increased lol.


A few more highlights:

  1. I went to Comic Con for the first time!
  2. I was sent my first ARC by an author! (I still can’t believe it OMG)
  3. I got locked at home! I was alone and I had friends coming over. Right when they rang the bell and I went to open the main door, I couldn’t! I have an automatic lock installed and it somehow broke inside, or a small part slipped. It’s pretty old so I guess it had to happen sometime. I called my dad and somehow talking through the door with my friends and my dad, we assessed the situation and decided that the only option was for me to break open the lock. Through a window near the door (life saver), dad passed me some tools and I broke the lock. Technically, I dismantled it, by removing one screw (the rest weren’t coming off!) and then break-opening it the rest of the way by force. That was a fun experience lol.
  4. I cut my hair to the shortest it’s ever been since 7th grade, and I love it! I don’t want to have long hair for at least quite a while now. Short hair feels like freedom. Not to mention, it suits me a lot and I look good.



I started bullet journalling this year, and I love it. It keeps me so organised and I do things in my day just so I can mark it in my monthly tracker. It has now been 7 months since I started. It’s also very useful for keeping up my blog stuff. I totally recommend it to everyone. I also drew quite a few mandalas and got Hem hooked up on them too! She now makes them whenever and wherever she can lol.

I went to my first party. I honestly never thought I would, being the introvert I am. It was a fresher’s party, and I did take breathers when being in a crowd was becoming too much, but I had loads of fun and danced so very much! That night made some good memories :’)


My best friend DJ :’)

My personality has been changing for the past two years, but this last year has seen the most change in me. I’m now more confident about myself, I say “yeah I know I’m awesome” in a jokey way too, but jokey or not, I do believe that. I don’t look at myself in the mirror and feel insecure. And this year, because I actually made friends in college, I realised that people do like me, and they don’t have to know me for years to understand that I’m not being rude or standoff-ish (although sometime it does get seen that way). As I’ve done all my schooling in ONE school, there has not been a change of scene where I’d be left alone and have to interact. So, let’s conclude saying that I’m really happy about this year.

I’ve also grown closer to my mom, whereas before it was mostly a normal teenage daughter-mom relationship with fights and me feeling misunderstood; this year I’ve made more of an effort to be a better daughter to both my parents and I have to say, I do have a good relationship with them. I can’t even remember the last time I fought with my parents for real, which didn’t fizzle out in the next few minutes. Happier life, peeps—stop fighting with your parents.

Snapchat-2085055456.jpgI’m still living in the same house as the past 12 years. We actually thought that we might shift to another apartment but the environment and ambiance of the area where I live is the best. I know several people here and even while I’m just going out for a walk, I sometimes happen upon my friends because most of us live around here. We went to this school because it’s close in proximity and the best part of living nearby is that a couple people could just meet up and make a round of the place and call everyone whose house happens upon the way. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been called by my friends, saying that they’re in front of my building and to come down in five minutes, while I was reading or watching a movie. I left whatever I was doing, quickly changed into jeans and grabbed a jacket and left with just my mobile and keys.

Because I started blogging, I’ve come across many new books, credits to the amazing book blogger community and all the readers. I haven’t read as many books as last year (some time went for blogging, after all) but I didn’t do too bad! I read close to 200 books.


So overall, I really liked this year. It had it’s ups and downs, but I’m happy with the bigger picture. I’m excited to see what the next year brings! I’m officially 18!


How was YOUR 2016? What changed, what stayed the same and what made you happy? 

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