17 types of friendships


17 types offriendships

Hey everyone! We are almost at the end of #BirthMonth and I wanted to post something to trigger YOUR memories.

Now, life isn’t just close friends and family and our significant other. There are so many relationships in life, and friendships are the most diverse of them. There are many types of friendships, and today I’m trying to put the most distinct ones in a list. As you read, think about those people in your life who hold that position, remember memories, and perhaps reach out to them after reading this post. Hopefully this will make you smile and maybe a little nostalgic 🙂

1. The best friends

This HAD to be the first one on the list, obviously. Best friends are our God’s gifts on earth and they are your rocks, your baes, those who will ALWAYS listen to your nonsense again and again even if they’re not interested just because it makes you happy. You can’t go a day without speaking to them, and if you do, you feel strange and as if you’re missing a part of yourself. Even if you don’t go to the same school or work at the same place, you make enough effort to meet very often and sometimes, two days without meeting them feels like two months. Have you showered some love on your best friends lately?


P.S. I love Peyton and Booke’s friendship.

2. More than your average friend, but not exactly your best friend

You know those friends whom you always connect to? You might not say everything to each other, or even speak so often, but when you do, you speak freely and with heart. You can have them in different areas of your life,  the ones in school, college, coaching classes and from your music or dance classes. All of them were your closest friends during that time and in those areas, but are not your complete best friends.


3. The “oh, okay” friends

These are those friends that are mostly friends of friends, whom you’re not really close to but also know a lot about due to common friends. If you meet them, you both hesitate for a second and then talk, because you don’t really have a bond of your own. You would most likely say hi and move on or make small talk for the sake of courtesy.


4. The life-long friendship

The friendship between two people right from when they were born to the day they die. Hiccups in between or not, they will be friends in the end. If you have a friend whom you’ve known all your life and are not on speaking terms with them now, maybe you could reach out to them. Because in the end, there aren’t many friends who have known you all your life. Even if you aren’t best friends, you’re like crib-siblings, and you’ll always have a special bond.


5. The friend you just can’t get rid of

That one person you’re not sure why you don’t like, or maybe you do know, but they never get the hint that you’re not interested in having a friendship with them. You go out of your way to avoid and ignore them, but cluelessly they’ll still find you. It’s kind of adorable on their part, that they want to be your friend so much. If there is someone like that, maybe try to be their friend? It could turn out to be a solid friendship as they’re not letting you go.


6. The ex-friend but yet friend at heart

I’m talking about that friend whom you’ve separated with, whom you hardly talk to anymore and miss them and the friendship you two had. This might be due to misunderstanding or the simple fact that both of you changed and the close bond you had just isn’t anymore. If only one of you took the initiative to reach out, you could still be friends, if not best friends *wink*


7. That friend you thought you’d be best friends with forever

We all grow up and this causes people to grow out of friendships too. When you were five, there was nothing that could come between you two and you made forever promises to each other. But, it wasn’t meant to be. You both have other best friends and being around each other might be a bit awkward. All you do is smile at each other, with memories playing in your mind, and move on.


8. That friend you just clicked with in one moment

You met and *BAM* you suddenly cannot live without each other. You don’t know why you just feel so comfortable with this person. Both of you opened up yourselves right from the start and listened to each other. You went from strangers to close friends in one minute 😉


9. The friend whom you don’t remember meeting

You try to think back to when you met and how you became friends, what you said etc but you just can’t remember! You can remember the days before meeting them and the days when they were your friend, but meeting for the first time, saying hi and actually deciding to sit together in class or going to work together? That’s a blind spot in your memory.


10. The imaginary friend

We all had an imaginary at some point in our lives, mostly during our childhood. You spoke to the air, or your soft toy, taking them to be real active human beings, dreaming them talking and listening to you. We grew out of our imaginary friends, but I can remember fondly when I used to have an imaginary friend.


11. The online friends

We all have online friends, especially if we’re active on the internet with a corner of our own. From blogging, vlogging, that anonymous chat room, that online multi-player game etc—we have made friends. And we love them as equally as real life friends too. What if you’ve never seen each other’s faces in reality? What if you’ve never watched a movie with popcorn in a theater together? You know each other inside out, know the problems and highs and lows and the important things. You’re good friends!


12. Penpals

You might or might not have a penpal, but it feels oh, so good, to open a letter from someone living far away, who is taking the time to build a friendship with you through paper. We hardly write letters, finding emailing or chatting through an app better. But being penpals with someone is a totally different and lovely feeling. Reading someone’s stories in their handwriting makes you feel closer to them.


13. Friends who forget you when they get into a relationship

This hurts, and I’m not going to sugar coat it. You two were buddies way before they met their significant other and suddenly being left for that new person they hardly know? That stings. There are also those who say they would never put a romantic relationship before friendship, but actually do it when the time comes. You just have to let go and move on, not waiting for them to come back. If the relationship ends, they’ll come to you, but you can’t be the only one to give, they have to give something too.


14. Friends in the form of animals

Pets are the best ever. Some consider their pet to be their best friend, and it is true! What if you two can’t speak in the same language or communicate exactly? You’re there for each other, love each other, and that’s what friendship is!


15. Friends through mutual hate

Friendships are usually formed when two people have something in common, but those formed through mutual hate is a quirky one. They might not have anything really in common, but this hate towards something, even if it’s strawberry flavoured ice-cream, can bring you closer and after a little more time, you’re friends for life, even if you two are from different cliques or spheres of life.


16. That friend you’re always crazy with

You two are goofballs together, and enjoy it very much! You may not have a deep friendship or might not know everything about each other—you may not even talk that often—but when you two do meet, you’re crazy and high and have loads of fun, even entertaining the group of friends you’re with.


17. That friend you’re not very close to, but would do anything for

These are the most innocent friendships ever. You two are average friends, but if the other asks for something or needs emotional support, you will be there in a heartbeat, and vice versa. Down the road, these friendships might actually last long.



And those are the “few” (bwahahaha) friendships that came to mind. Sure, there ARE many more, but every friendship is unique and no two friendships are exactly alike. It’s like DNA 😉

P.S. Because of this post I have close to thirty friendship GIFs in my folder now 😛

How many of these friendships exist in your life? Can you tell some more? Did these make you think of those certain friends? Comment down below and let’s chat!

11 thoughts on “17 types of friendships”

  1. Omg I love this post, I relate so much!! It’s unexplainable but yeah, you can be not pretty close to people, but still feel like you have a bond!! Also, online friends are FREAKING cool! I loved that you mentioned that one! XD Also, I hate the friends who you can’t get rid of – like: gawd, leave my life!!!!
    Again, amazing post! XD

    Liked by 1 person

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