How to make your own page markers




Hey everyone! A while back, I bought a notebook to use as my next bullet journal, but I realised when it was delivered that it didn’t come with page markers i.e. the thread you use in diaries to mark which page you’re in. Since I use it a lot to keep up with my bullet journal and open to the current spread efficiently, I decided to make one myself. And I thought, why not make a blog post on it, so here we are!

I’m making this for my Doodle notebook (which I’ve reviewed here).

Materials required: 

  • Your notebook
  • A blade/pair of scissors.
  • Long scale
  • Ribbon


NOTE: This is only for the notebooks which have space between the cover and the pages. Like in the following picture.



Step 1: Measure the ribbon

Take a little more than twice the length of your notebook. Now, just to check the length and how it would be I folded the ribbon twice and put half of it through the space. You don’t have to do this.


Step 2: Cut one half of the ribbon into three strips

Keeping the ribbon on a newspaper, cut half of the length into three even strips using a scale and a blade (or scissors, if you prefer). There might be some strands of the ribbon coming off and making your work look messy, but don’t worry about them. That will happen and you’re doing nothing wrong.


Step 3: Twist the strips

This is to make them thin and also to give a little bit of volume to them. Why? You’ll find out in the next step.

Step 4: Braid them!

IMG_20161127_140443637.jpgI like braids. On anything, basically. I even made a bunch of (like 50 or so) bookmarks for an event in school last year and they were braided. So, I braided this too! (Should I mention here that this was the first time I was doing this and had absolutely no reference? I was just following an idea.)

Since we cut only half the length into three strips, we are only braiding that part. Let the other half remain as it is, since it’ll be going through the gap.

This (see right) is how it looks after braiding.

Cut off any thin strands sticking out so as to make the braiding look neat.







Step 5: Put it through the gap

IMG_20161127_140746387.jpg(I’m using “the gap” so much, maybe I should trademark it :P)

Fold the untouched half of the ribbon twice and carefully put it through the gap from the top, so the braided side will be coming out from the top. The more it’s folded, the easier it will go. Once it comes out the other side (below), bring it out a bit more so we have some length.

Now, if the length of the braid is just what you want, tie the end by doing a knot so it wont come off or staple the end. In this picture, I’ve made a knot.

As for the other little bit of simply folded length that we have through the gap, make a knot with that length TWICE, one over another, so that it will not slip and come out back if we pull the braided side. After the knot, keep a bit of length so the knot wont unwind and you can cut off the rest if you don’t want it long.


And that’s it!


Your page marker is made and you can now be happy with your notebook!

I hope you understood how to make these and this was helpful 🙂 If you make it, let me know how it turns out!



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