Bangalore metro station flea markets (Dec 10-11)


Hey everyone!

So on Dec 10th, I was travelling through the metro when I saw the posters about the flea market at a couple stations and I’ve visited a couple before (which were very good) so I took my mom with me in the evening to check ’em out! They were pretty good, and I took a few pictures so I thought I’d talk about them! (Yes my finals started on 14th) (No that shall not stop me from going to flea markets and blogging about them)

67y.jpgMG Road Christmas flea market

Christmas isn’t a very high affair here because most people aren’t Christians and don’t celebrate it. I’ve never been to a Christmas themed shop or market so I was looking forward to this flea market.

All the stalls are put up by independent stores (i.e. start-ups and shops from home etc) so there were many new creative things which we don’t find in malls. These are like pop-up stores, and I think the patrons benefit a lot from these markets in accordance to their sale. One thing I noticed a lot were dream catchers. Now, I’ve wanted dream catchers for so long but the few I find, I didn’t like, and this market had so many really cute ones. They were in various sizes and colours but again, these were pretty expensive too, and not worth it so I didn’t get them either. I think I’ll just resign to making at home myself.

IMG_20161210_184122906.jpgI was pretty disappointed that only one shop was Christmas themed while all the rest were general stalls. The one shop had tree decorations and really beautiful wreaths and a few small artificial Christmas trees. The shop was very cute and I really wanted to buy a wreath to put on my room door but I didn’t get it because it was pretty expensive. I guess I should have expected that most stalls wouldn’t be Christmas themed owing to the fact that most people wouldn’t buy stuff.

There was a lot of funky jewellery, and the ones I liked best were the charms for making a charm bracelet and the chokers. We could choose the charms we wanted and the seller would affix the charms onto a bracelet for us. Each charms costed some amount of money. And the same way, we could choose what we wanted in the forefront of a choker and the seller would attach it and give it to us. If I was interested in chokers, I would have definitely bought one.



Really cute elf shoes for kids in a shop called “Haz’s Creativity”

IMG_20161212_130229918.jpgThere were some traditional clothes shops too, displaying coats, kurtis, tops, sarees etc. One stall was selling placards to put on walls or to keep on a table, with positivity and motivation quotes, quotes from Friends and others. They were selling them and raising money to make a change in railway stations and install braille in platforms so people without sight can know which platform they are on. That was a really good initiative.

The place is called Rangoli metro art centre because there are a couple small art galleries for to showcase paintings. That day, two hobby artists showcased several of their really beautiful paintings. I was really impressed by quite a few of them.

One stall sold posters to put up of bands such as Coldplay, The Beatles and One Direction; football teams and players; and some poster of anime; I found one of a quote from Harry Potter and there were some about star-signs. The posters were of pretty good price therefore I bought a couple. These posters coupled with the ones I got in Comic Con make enough for me to fill a part of my bedroom wall. I have a huge wall and I’ve been thinking of filling it with posters and my sketches for a while. I’m thinking of making a few myself in the holidays and I’ll put ’em all up!


All-in-all, the flea market this time was good but not as impressive as the ones I’ve gone to before at the same place. There were fewer stalls this time, and there were no stalls with Christmassy food, or any baked food either.

SV metro station food drive flea market

As the area for this was small, the flea market was pretty small too. I think I would be less than half of the previous one. By the time we came to this one, it was quite late and my mom and I were hungry. We figured that since its a food drive, we’d get loads of food to eat. Imagine our dismay when we went and found that almost all the food, among what few stalls were there, was non-vegetarian. We’re vegetarians and that disappointed me a lot. A few other random stalls were there too with clothes and indian packed snacks and a few other things. Our mood was off, and we were hungry, so we quickly popped by all these stalls and planned to leave for home. A local band was playing some music on one end as well.

In one of the stalls, the saleswoman was selling a few sarees and keychains. I wasn’t interested in sarees and just glanced at the keychains, which looked to be of animated characters. A second later I realised that they were anime characters. Now, I’ve started watching anime only recently (watched only one yet) and wasn’t that interested. But I saw a pack nearby of three characters on keychains and above one, Mikasa was written. I am in the middle of Attack on Titan so I went ooh Mikasa! and went by. I didn’t know the exact spelling of the name when I watched the episodes so it didn’t click immediately that this was the same Mikasa from Attack on Titan.

I went back a few seconds later after it clicked and realised that the pack gave Eren, Mikasa and Levi on keychains. I stared in shock because getting fandom merch was hard enough (and expensive) that I didn’t think I would get anime merch. I looked up at the seller and she, seeing that I’m interested, handed it to me and said that they were only 10 bucks  each. 10 rupees is fricking cheap! I bought them immediately and was so happy I was almost jumping.

Aren’t these the cutest! They’re in the salute position too! ❤

After I came home I took a picture and sent it to my best friend DJ and he was blown off! He said they’re his birthday gift (his birthday was in August! I had bought his Comic Con ticket as his gift) and to give it to him and I went all “no they’re mine” for a bit and we settled on me giving him one (Eren) because he made me watch anime.

And that’s it, I think! Overall, not so good, but something came out of me going to them (yay keychains!).

Do you go to flea markets where you live? What do you think of them?

12 thoughts on “Bangalore metro station flea markets (Dec 10-11)”

  1. Hey there! I read your post on Rachel’s blog and really liked it. Then I saw that you were an INFJ and just had to check your blog out. I’m an INFJ too, and as you know, there aren’t many of us out there.
    I love MBTI too! After I found out my personality type, everything in life just clicked. Now I’m obsessed with reading articles about personality types.
    So, I’m definitely going to follow your blog because we INFJs should stick together! (And because I really like it).
    And by the way, I LOVE your name. It’s so whimsical.
    Ok, that’s enough fangirling. 😀

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    1. Hello! Same with me! I’m totally obsessed with INFJ! I’ve found that it’s actually not that hard to find INFJs on the internet because this is the one place where we can be ourselves and it’s easier to meet other INFJs. It’s nice to meet you!
      And thanks! That’s why I chose it 😁


      1. True. It’s much easier to find other INFJs on the internet than in real life. 🙂
        Yeah, I can’t get enough of Myers Briggs Personality types. I love reading about other types that my friends have. Or trying to guess what type they have if they didn’t take the test. I think it’s a great tool for writing characters too. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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