Doodle notebook review


Note: This post is in no way sponsored by Doodle.

As my current bullet journal will be finishing this month, I went online a couple months back looking for a notebook to use as my next bullet journal. In hindsight, the one that I bought would be more suited for a normal journal than a bullet journal, but it looked really nice and was different, so I bought it.

This is what I saw on


This blue notebook is made by the company Doodle (check out their website here for other designs) and has 200 ruled pages. The edges of the notebook are curved, which I appreciate as I tend to hurt myself with sharp edges.

The notebook that I received is a little different as it has a different icon for the metal slider. This is what I received:


I’ll admit, I was slightly disappointed as I wanted that particular symbol which resembles the letter (since my name starts with that letter).

The book is hardbound with PU leather, which gives a pretty nice feel when you hold it. IT is also indented with a random pattern, including the piano which projects up, giving a 3D feel when you run your hand over it.


The elastic band is not as tight as I would like it and I’m slightly disappointed by that too.

You can see how loose it is by the way it stays when it’s free.

When you open the notebook, there’s a front page with a few dotted lines to write your name, email id, address etc. I also quite like the doodle symbol, it’s cute. Under it, it’s written “the joy of writing” which is nice.


The double spread pages inside look like this:


The book is thread-stitched to lay flat when open. It doesn’t yet, but once I use it a little and break the spine, it should. There’s some empty space below on the left as well which would allow for some creativity as a normal bullet journal but for a bullet journal? IT might be a hindrance in spread layouts, especially the tracker. I’ll have to see how to work around it.

There is a small ribbon at the top on all right hand side pages, presumably to write dates. I’ll mostly write page numbers on it but I’m not happy with the fact that they are printed only on the right hand side pages.

Also, as much as I like the company symbol, I’d rather not see it in every single spread but that’s what I get. *sigh*

One majorly disappointing thing is that the notebook does not come with a page marker, which I did not realise when I bought it. For a bullet journal, page markers are mighty helpful and is a requirement for me.

I made my own page markers for the notebook, and I almost did a blog post on how to make them!


Overall, I bought this book because of the metal slider and ‘cuz it was different. I’m quite disappointed by a few things, but I can work around it. I definitely wouldn’t recommend it for bullet journalling, but will for a normal journal. I will be going back to notebooks by this company only if I want really cool covers or for themed books with a metal slider (like this one).

Do you own any notebooks which are different and aren’t just normally ruled? What do you think of this notebook?

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