My Birthday/Christmas Wishlist

Hey everyone!


Now, I don’t celebrate Christmas as I mentioned in two of my previous blog posts, but I love how those who celebrate it are crazy about it on the internet. People started playing Christmas music the minute Halloween ended! The internet is FILLED with Christmas and I really love how everyone’s in a better, happier mood because “it’s that time of the year”.

I was watching someone’s vlog and they were talking about what they would want for Christmas and I thought why not I do it too? I’ve never thought of a wishlist before, rather make one, so this is new. Also, my birthday is on 30th Dec, which is basically the new year (according to everyone who find out my birthday), and this could also serve as a birthday wishlist! (If any of my IRL friends are reading this—which I’m sure you’re not—take note)

So, here’s my wishlist!

  1. Throne of Glass and Empire of Storms, both by Sarah J Maas. I have the other three books and I need these to complete my collection, but they’re just too expensive to buy by myself!
  2. A portable photo printer. I’ve been seeing this around a lot—devices which print photos from your phone. And I love the idea of it! All I want to do is take print, stick it in my journal or my wall, and put my memories around!
  3. A pack of midliners. I need these and we don’t get them in my country! I totally know how I would use it in my notes or bullet journal. It’s pretty cheap in and I have $15 on it but I can’t buy it. I need to add another $25 or $35 dollars worth stuff to ship to my country. I get so jealous seeing people use it on Instagram or Tumblr.
  4. Printed washi tape. THIS ONE. I just.. aargh! I see such beautiful washi tape on social media and I just love love them but I have to ship them home! Even right now I’m checking out a website where there are such cute products, and the washi tape is ❤ Even if there is free shipping, the dollar to rupee is too expensive. Two washi tapes cost two hundred bucks for me. And that is ON SALE!
  5. Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi. I need this so much, to hold it that I’ve already hinted to my best friend that I want this. I’ve read it so many times in my ebook but I have to have it in my hands. So much.
  6. PIZZA. I would be really happy if someone treated me to pizza. I love it, I want it, I haven’t had it in so long. Pizza!
  7. Any book merch. Mugs, bookmarks, tees, whatever. I hardly have book merch and I really really want them. Plus, the things on Society6 are so awesome!

And I think that’s about it! Basically, I’m out of cash, I don’t want to spend more and these are some things that people could pool in money and get me.

My friends and I all get one gift or a few gifts by pooling some equal amount of money each and get the gift(s). Having a lot of friends in my group means spending a lot of money on buying gifts. I suppose it was actually lesser this year because we didn’t buy for a couple people as they were in dorms. Actually, only one person, and he in fact treated us to lunch one day. The other thing is that we love getting unique gifts. Actually putting in thought and making a custom gift, or getting something new and exciting and different. So, mostly they won’t give me books, because that’s too streamlined; and I was the one who came up with half the gift ideas this year and last year so I assume they’ll think of something creative.

Anyhow, I’m gonna love it. So I won’t worry 🙂

(P.S. if you’re looking for stock photos for header backgrounds for Christmas, do check out pexels because those photos are so good, not using them is almost a crime. It was hard for me to not dump all of those photos in this post.)


What’s on your Christmas (or birthday) wishlist? 

17 thoughts on “My Birthday/Christmas Wishlist”

  1. I really hope you’ll get everything you want and even more !!
    Happy birthday again my dear!
    And enjoy the holidays ☺️☺️

    It’s a joy when you see others all happy and excited so it reflects on you!!
    Enjoyyy ☺️❤️

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  2. My wishlists are always full of books too!! I mean, what could be a better thing to wish for right!?? I’d love to one day own the Shatter Me series with the nice eyeball covers! The UK/AUS covers are beyond awful, aghhhh.😂 And I hate dollar-conversion rates half the time. *cries* It’s not so bad for me as you, probably, but it’s 30% more to convert an Australian dollar to an American dollar. It makes internet buying A NIGHTMARE honestly.😜
    Anyway I hope you get some things on your wishlist someday!!

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  3. Oh HOW I WISH we celebrated Christmas here too! I mean, I get to buy things I want but I bet nothing compared to rushing down on Christmas time and ripping open the wrapping of presents under a tree.

    I LOVE THIS LIST! And, of course everything is so expensive. SIGH. For the portable printers, a friend of mine had one, and after the initial cost the ink and film is supposed to be REALLY REALLY expensive, so I would recommend looking into a Polaroid camera when you get the cash!


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  4. Pizza would definitely be on my list too aha, and I’ve just started on here, I know where to get my pointers from now aha please can you check out my new blogs it would be nice to have some feedback! X

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