The Journey We Call “Life” #BirthMonth

Some consider the fact that being a teen means being unconscious about life, what’s going on around us, or what truly matters.

I’m a teenager. I’m 17. Young? Guess you thought so.

But I’m about to explain how age is truly just a number. You see, I was born in a humble house; father, mother and an older brother. We were doing fine. We had enough to eat, drink and clothes to wear. Both my brother and I went to a private school. So you might say we were doing just fine money wise.

I grew up, witnessing the good and the bad that was happening in our family. My dad wasn’t always there because of his job so my mom took care of us..But, a time came when my dad’s job started bringing us less and less money.. we still managed to get through it.

At the age of 14, I started having friends from everywhere, literally. Friends who were good, and others who were bad news. I got affected by both. Sadly, I got the idea that being careless and reckless was “cool”. However, I got over that fast enough and got back to my real self. I started to properly see the difference between what was bad and what was good.

Hence… being raised in a lonely town, reflected some kind of “solitude”. That meant having no friends locally, and no one “my age” to hang out with. I started entertaining myself with reading.. I mean LOTS OF READING, music and well.. writing. That’s when I started my blog. At the age of 15. And that? That was my one and only blessing.

It’s when I found myself. I found the piece that was kinda missing this whole time. You wanna know more about me? You wanna know me? Just read what I write. My story is hidden between the lines..

All teens go through ups and downs, we manage to get through everything and hold on the to the good qualities that our families raised us upon. We have a lot to learn and a lot of things to conquer and fight. You were once a teen… Don’t you remember how it felt like to be misunderstood?  How you had a lot on your shoulders.. and sometimes.. the weight was unbearable. 

I’m still 17… I have a long journey ahead of me. I have hopes and dreams and expectations. I have choices to make, and those choices are going to determine my life path. Imagine, a 17 year old making LIFE CHOICES.

The first 17 years of my life were memorable, some days past and I couldn’t go on. I needed to pause. And some days flew by so magically.. I must have mistaken them for dreams.


For every teen out there;  Stay strong and hold on to what you believe in. You’re not alone. You’re strong and uneasy to break. So remain that way… Follow your dreams and ALWAYS listen to that inner voice of yours !


Writer : Sara Akkary
Website :

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