Life Update (where I talk about anything I can)

Hey everyone! (A bit of warning: I’m talking a lot of details and rambling)


So this post has been a long time coming. Ever since I started publishing posts every few days instead of everyday, I’ve had enough posts and the life updates sorta fell behind. This month though, I’m not really prepared for since I have my semester finals beginning on the 14th.

Exams and holidays

Let’s do this! (I really like SnapChat) (Hint: follow me. I’m iridescencey)

Now, it sucks to be having exams during Christmas and New Year. While everyone will be partying and celebrating the start of a new year, me and my fellow university students will be studying Elements of Mechanical Engineering. I particularly feel sad for Christians because they get one day/festival in the whole year and that is ruined because of these exams. In fact, most other autonomous colleges and other universities are done before Christmas and several of my friends will be home for the holidays but I won’t be able to spend a lot of time with them before they go off to dorms again.

That is what annoys me the most, really. I don’t celebrate Christmas and neither do I usually do anything special for new year therefore this wouldn’t have mattered to me if my friends weren’t on holidays here. By the time my exams are over and my holidays start (6th Jan) they’ll be back to college. This is the first time all of us have been separated after years in school and I miss my friends a lot. So, yeah, I’m sad about that. I will meet then and hang out but not much.

My best friend DJ said that he’s planning to camp at my home from Dec 14th (the day he comes back) and annoy me and just hang (he’s joking, obviously) (I think).

I will be having exams from 14th Dec to 6th Jan and about three weeks of holiday after that, then second semester starts!

Until now

snapchat-8804057534864819638I went to Comic Con last month with DJ (who came here for the weekend just for it) and another friend. It was so fun! I got several posters and a GoT charm bracelet (which I love so much).

I’ve been searching for a dot grid notebook for months to use as my bullet journal but I never found one! The ones on Amazon are around one to two thousand rupees, and I’m not spending that much. In the comic con, a stall had their own notebooks and printed a few in dot grid, and I got so enthusiastic and bought one immediately.

I also went to Chennai with my parents for a weekend last month and it was a lot fun. We toured, went to the beach, and the place we stayed was very cool. I loved the plan and the view, and how cozy it was. It was sort-of like a bed-and-breakfast, I suppose. And the beach! It spread out over a large area (I believe it’s the longest beach in India and second longest in the world).


What I am doing now

My external labs just got over, so two finals are done. I had them on the 3rd and the 6th of this month. Right now I’m studying as much as I can, learn topics I’ve never done before and prepare to revise because I will be getting a few days for each subject (except physics for which I get only one) and I plan to only revise properly during then.

I don’t have college so you can say that I have study holidays now. I sleep late, wake up waay late and just go about chilling. I’m actually catching up on all the sleep I didn’t get during the semester classes when I used to sleep sometime after midnight and woke up around 6 am.

A hangout area in my college during the third internal exams. People studying everywhere.

Here’s basically how my days go:

I wake up around 9:30 am (sometimes even 10:30) and brush my teeth and drink water first. After that, I pop in my earphones and listen to music while making my bed and taking out my bullet journal, seeing what I have to do today. I love making my bed and seeing it all neat, especially since I love being organised. A messy bed just puts me off when I’m around to see it. During college days, since I come home only around 5:30 pm and go out again half the days for a bit, I don’t have time to straighten my bed.

My college day schedule was basically:

  • get up at/before 6am,
  • have a bath and get ready,
  • have a small breakfast if I’m not feeling too queasy,
  • get to the bus stop near my home by 6:45 (which is a 5 minute walk away)
  • Listen to music or talk to my friends in the bus the whole ride. The days we have tests or labs (which have a test every lab) or internal exams, we all study in the bus. This is the first time I’m travelling every single day, because my school was a 10-15 minute walk away. I find that listening to music in the morning makes my day, and get’s me up and running. I also really like studying in the bus, because I can discuss with my friends who have the same subjects as me, and quickly revise. That 40 min to 1 hour journey is very useful in the mornings. I like it, contrary to what I thought.
  • We reach sometime before 8am. Our classes start at 8.
  • We have a short break from 10:40 to 11:10 am, during which I run to the canteen and go up to the second floor as soon as I can. I see all my friends, we share food, talk etc and then we all start at 11:05 am and rush back to make it to class. For some, classes end at this time and they go home.
  • Then lunch break at 12:50 pm till 1:30 am. Two days of the week I had off then; I either stayed back and hung out with friends and did my assignments, or I went home.
  • If I come back by college bus which starts at 4pm, I reach home after 5. Then, my schedule is as I want it to be. I go out sometimes, meet my best friends, maybe go for a walk myself etc.

So, I hardly had time to make my bed or even care about it. (wow so much for one thing) (I should stop)

This month


  1. I plan to study on my time, chill, meet friends, hang out with them a bit, and blog some and read some. I also watched half of Attack on Titan on DJ’s insistence. As I write this, I’m watching season one of The Missing. Zoella and PointlessBlog have been raving about it in their vlogs so I thought I’d watch it!
  2. I recently started using the Forest app, which is free in the android play store, and I really like it! I’ve also been watching a lot of youtube videos of studying and many recommended studying in 25 minute blocks with 5 minutes of break between two blocks. I’ve found that this method works when I’m not in the mood to study. It’s also very satisfying to see a tree grow in the app and to see how long I’ve studied. P.S. the app is all snowy for Christmas now and it even gives Christmas presents under the tree grown when you study for long periods of time, and I’m digging it!
  3. As for habits, I’ve started exercising a bit everyday! I’m not exactly fat but I’m not far from that. I just think exercising would be a good way to burn my muscles (because I get good sleep only if I’m really tired and my muscles ache a bit). Also, since I don’t really have time, I can’t go for running (plus, I run very bad and would not subject the public to watching me run), so exercising it is! I’ve exercised every day, at least a bit, in this month and I plan to keep it up!

How is your life going? Anything new happen? Comment down below and let’s chat!

18 thoughts on “Life Update (where I talk about anything I can)”

  1. I really enjoyed reading this post- I’m actually in awe of how well you manage your time, it’s really noteworthy 🙂
    It absolutely sucks that you’re gonna have exams while everyone has holidays but oh well, good luck anyway 🙂
    AND YOU WENT TO CHENNAIII!!! I spent my childhood in chennai so I kinda go crazy when anyone mentions it 😂 I hope you ate all the dosas 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Some of my relatives love in Chennai so I actually go there every few years. I’m a tamilian so it’s kind of my native. And I eat dosa everywhere so 😂😂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ohh so much busyness!! I hope the exam season treated you well?! Eeep. *sends encouraging cake* And exercising is great! I go for a 5:30am run every morning (and I also run really badly haha, but that’s why I do it early so no one sees me 🙈🙊) and it’s just a really good way to start the day right?!
    I hope you do get to spend a little time with your friends over the holiday season. That would suck how all your schedules are opposing now.😖
    And omg yay for comicon! THAT SOUNDS AMAZING. It’s my dream to go to a nerdy event like that someday. #goals 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can’t wake up early to go for a run for the life of me 😂 but here people start going for walks and runs that early and there are actually too many people then than at night so I stay away lol. It is a good way to start the day though!
      I am very glad I went to comic con because all I hear about is BEA and become so jealous so I got at least one event 😁😁


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