7 reasons why I love winter



It’s that time of the year again.. and I’m not talking about Christmas. Sure, Christmas is coming too, but it ain’t winter all over the world. (Sad Aussies?)

There are so many reasons I love winter. Most people love summer but I actually don’t like sun (promise, I’m not a vampire) and I’m more alive in winter. Am I making sense?

1. The blankets

I don’t know how it is where you live, but in my home we use different blankets in different seasons. Thin blankets in summer and two types of thick blankets in winter. I just love snuggling up in slightly heavy blankets and making a sushi roll of myself, oh that feels goooood. Of course, then I realise that I’ve left the lights on or that I was supposed to pee. Then I lay there for 2 minutes saying a teary goodbye to my blankets and wander into the chill. Don’t get me wrong, I love chillness, but it’s only because of the blankets and the clothes.


2. The clothes

winter-clothes-2I love winter clothes. So much so that I would move to a city where it’s always a little chilly just to wear layers. I love sweaters, jackets, cardigans, pull-overs, shrugs, hoodies, boots, gloves, beanies, knitted scarves, socks and anything else. The reason I love layers is because I don’t like showing skin. I just prefer covering up as much skin as possible, and I also don’t like form-fitting clothes. Self-consciousness effects. Therefore, winter is perfect for it, and sweaters one size bigger doesn’t look bad. I usually try to buy a size bigger so it doesn’t fit perfectly and is a bit loose, and I can pull off the style in winter.

Although, I try to get away with wearing layers in summer as much as I can. I live in a city where it’s chilly almost all the time, even in summer on random days, so it’s cool. In fact, a couple months into the semester, I removed my jacket and my friend exclaimed, “I can see your skin!” and proceeded to poke my upper arm flesh. That was during “summer” lol.

 3. The drinks

I’m pretty sure everyone loves drinking hot beverages in cold weather. Hot chocolate, tea, coffee etc are just better in winter! I love holding the mug with the steaming drink in both hands, letting it warm my hands up; I just love that posture.

hands holding mug.jpg

4. The hot and spicy food

In India, we have these wonderfully tasty dishes called chaats which are mostly spicy. Chaats are usually street food and for a little bit of money, they taste so very good. The perfect setting to have chaat is when it’s raining and you’re standing in that little space under an extension as a roof. Since chaats are usually spicy, eating them during winter makes it all the more better. My mouth started watering as I was typing the first sentence of this paragraph, imagining chaat ❤


5. The mornings

After tenth grade, I had more than a month off with no school and as I had time, I used to play badminton with a friend in early mornings a little after sunrise. That was the time when I started watching sunrises, and my balcony faces east so it’s perfect. Even after 11th grade began, I woke up before light only to watch the sunrise. And the view in winter as the sun begins to rise, with cloudy mist and the crispness in the air, fills me with freshness. I take long breaths then because it makes me so fresh and alive. Sure, it’s hard to get out of bed, but it’s worth it.


6. The perfect moods to read

Most of us, when thinking about a perfect setting to tuck in and read a book, imagine it in winter or when it’s raining—with a steaming drink in arm’s reach. Although I love rainy weathers, I prefer chilly days to sit in bed, legs covered with blankets, and a book in hand. Maybe a cup of coffee or tea nearby. I tend to go out to the balcony and watch rain, instead of staying in and reading.

reading in winter.jpg

7. The effect on me

GirlyGoingAwayParty.pngWinters generally make me alive and active. It’s supposed to be the other way round, I know, but it is what it is. Maybe it’s the clothes, the ambiance, the crispness in the air—whatever it is, I want to do more in winters. Maybe not academically, but definitely creatively. Sometimes, when it isn’t really chilly but I have to make myself work, I switch on the fan in high speed so that it becomes chilly and wear a jacket. It makes a faux-winter mood and I work.

I also feel like dancing in winters. I have a skip in my step, even usually, but more so during winters. I love the chill laying on my skin and making me fresh. I’ve noticed that I even smile more during winters (I’m more of a grumpy leave-me-to-read cat usually).



If you’re wondering why I didn’t mention Christmas in this list, it’s because my family doesn’t celebrate it. I’m not Christian *shrug*. I love the idea of it and the craze and the love so many people have for the festival (like Zoella who started playing Christmas music on October 31st because “it’s that time of the year”) though. I wish I celebrated Christmas because gifts! But yeah, I don’t. I just enjoy the few days of holidays we get for it. Which I’m not getting this year. I actually have exams during the time… *sniff*

*none of the pictures in this blog post are mine. I only edited the last one.


Do you love the winter season? If so, what do you love most about it? If not, what do you dislike?

32 thoughts on “7 reasons why I love winter”

  1. Sometimes, I wish that we have winter here in Ghana. But it’s probably for a good reason that we don’t. I don’t really like the cold (Harmattan) so I guess it’s alright. I like the look of winter clothes though.☺

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