Some things that are OK

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There are a lot of small things in life that we feel guilty for and assume that we’re taking too much time off or that we’re disturbing our schedules and will lag behind a lot. I realised this when I found myself doing that—feeling guilty for taking small liberties.

If you’re on the same boat as me, here are a few things that are completely okay to do once in a while:

  • Take an evening off

Tired from two weeks of initial college? Tired from travelling two and a half hours a day? Tired from anything that you feel very drained out? Take an evening after school/college/work off. Do it when you need it, even if it’s on weekdays. Don’t push yourself too much; that’ll just weaken your immune system and you’ll fall sick. You can afford to not do one day of homework or assignments or cooking. Eat early and sleep early.

  • Skip a day of blogging

Do you have a set schedule for posting on your blog? Wednesdays, tuesdays, thrice a week, whatever. We in this blogosphere are amazing and patient. We’ll miss you but we’ll also understand that real life takes over sometimes.

  • Treat yourself

Don’t think about what else you could buy for the home with that money. Don’t think about how this small amount will work into your long-term savings. Just go out, eat something nice, watch a movie. Having monotonous and stressful days will become a huge pressure in the long run. Have outlets.

  • Starting a new hobby

Now, this is not just for “once in a while”. I tend to think a lot about where my time will get cut when I start a new hobby. Half times, I end up not doing those things. Don’t be like me. If you want to learn something new, do something different, go ahead! It might be something you’ll look forward to in your days except long hours of sleep. That’s good!

  • Killing quite some time on YouTube

Let’s be honest, we all do this. And it is fine if it’s only once in a while. Way more, well, you must be guilty 😛

  • Not completing something on time

Life is hectic. You might be an excellent planner, bullet journallist, whatever, but we can’t finish everything in life on time. Give yourself a pass for that one assignment or that gift you had to buy for a friend. Buy it tomorrow and give it as a belated gift, its fiine. They’ll understand.

And I’m sure there are more things but my head is stuck on guilt because I need to get started on my math assignment 😛

Are you like me? Do you become guilty or worry constantly? Can you add more points to this list?

8 thoughts on “Some things that are OK”

  1. Haven’t been reading enough blog posts lately – logged on to catch-up a bit before I start studying and this post made me really happy. You’ve spoken out to a lot of, not only bloggers, but people who feel exactly the same way that you do – with too much going on in their lives that when they take a break they instantly feel guilty. This post was enlightening and really helped me accept that I’m not superhuman – that I need some downtime to recharge every once in a while. Thanks 🙂

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