#BlogRechargeChat final verdicts

After more than a month, we finally had another chat and the theme this time was Blogger Experiences. This was a very fun chat, in my opinion, and I loved reading everyone’s answers. Let’s get to them!

Q1. How did you feel when you made your blog?

We had a variety of answers for this one ranging from “like an idiot” to “I felt like I was walking in blind” to “proud”. Most people replied that they were nervous and didn’t know anything.

Q2. Did you have a plan in mind for what your blog was going to be about? Are you sticking to it still?

Most bloggers said that they didn’t have an exact plan in mind and they do still stick to the basic topics they had in mind then.

Q3. How did you feel when you got your first follower? Your first comment?

Many said they were overjoyed and a couple replied that they expected it, because one blogger would at least, right? It’s when the number increases that gets you excited.

Q4. Did you plan your blog first then make it or did you make it first and just rolled with it?

The main things like theme, topics etc were plans and the rest was rolled with because WE SO AWESOME YAS

Q5. Did you ever get a hate comment? What was your first and what did you do in response?

Almost everyone never received a hate comment, and that was very pleasing to hear!

Q6. After what period of time did it sink in that you’re actually a blogger and that you command your corner of the internet?

Most replied with a few months (ranging from 2 to 6). @writercharley said that she felt it sink in when she received her first book from a publisher.

Q7. If you could make a blog with any fellow blogger, who would it be and what would the blog be about?

We, of course, had a variety of answers for this one 🙂

Q8. Have you ever reached out to another blogger by email? Share your first experience!

Most bloggers said that they use twitter to reach out way more than emails as it is easier.

Q9. Have you ever wanted to delete your blog and go back into hiding? Why and how did you convince yourself otherwise?

Mostly nos, a yes, and one blogger did delete and make a new one. When you really want to, a fresh start is the way!

Q10. Share your most popular blog post! Let’s all check out each other’s blogs 🙂

And I had a fun time blog hopping to all the wonderful blogs!

This month’s chat was more conversational than filled with advice and tips, and it was super fun to have light conversations about our experiences!

Due to busy lives and super tight schedules, Charley and I aren’t sure when the next chat will be held. Mostly, there won’t be one in December and we might the next in January. Let’s see!

If you are interested in knowing immediately when the chats will be held, comment below with your twitter id and I’ll add you to the group!

What did you think about this month’s theme and questions? If you didn’t participate, feel free to comment with your answers below!

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