Bullet Journalling tips for busy lifers

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Iridescence, we all have busy lives. Be grateful we take the time to read your blabber. Yes yes, I know. And I’m grateful.

Whether you bullet journal or not, if you have any idea about it or have seen the amazing pictures online, you’d understand that maintaining such beautiful spreads takes time and effort. Bullet journaling makes our lives easier, and makes planning fun and creative. That creativity takes time too.

Today, I’m here to give y’all a few tips on how to bullet journal aesthetically, and most importantly, how to not spend excess time on planning.

1. Have a constant header/layout theme

Not all the time. A week, or even for just one spread. This way, you won’t have to come up with new designs everyday and the spread will also look neat and sorted. There are many spreads with doodles and different looks for every day’s section, but if you don’t have the time, keep constant.

2. Try not to experiment too much

One, you’ll spend time on perfecting it and adjusting it. Two, you’ll have to get used to change a lot, and many things which might not work. Your life is already busy, and you’re using a BuJo to sort it, try not to mess it up by experimenting a lot. A few changes here and there once in a while are okay, but drastic changes would be a problem.

3. Use only weekly spreads

I haven’t done this personally since I require dailies for normal journaling (which I do quite sometimes, just a few lines when I want to) so I can’t speak out of experience. But looking at some weekly spreads in social media, I realise that they could be enough for the whole week and we wouldn’t have to draw dailies again. Big enough boxes for everyday, tasks, next week—and I’m sorted. In fact, Boho Berry’s weekly spread is enough for me work-wise. Would it work for you? Think about it, it might.

4. Washi tapes, stickers and printables are your saviours

Stick ’em, and you’re done! You save a lot of time this way, you won’t have to think about designs, and they look very pretty. Your spreads will look lovely ❤

5. Don’t track unnecessary things

I feel like this is a personal mantra every time I see elaborate weeklies or dailies online. Seeing them, I want to track everything too. But, I don’t have the time. And honestly, I don’t have to track my water or other small things. Keeping up with some more things would just be another job. Unless you want to properly monitor or its important, rethink tracking everything.

6. Leave out small and same-day tasks from your BuJo

For example, forwarding an email to a group of people or somethings like that. You can remember them on your own, and unless they’re important for you to refer back later, you don’t need to write them down in your BuJo and later tick ’em. I did that a few times and found that I spent a few minutes to bring out my notebook, write it in properly and place it back; all when I don’t require that reminder. Every few minutes combined make up a lot of time.

7. Update your trackers and write down notes about your day only at the end of the day

Updating everything at once while sitting down comfortably is easier, and you won’t rush to mark something while on way or on work during your day. Especially for the peeps who track whether they were active on social media (I do this for my blogging) or something else like that.

I took all these points from my own trials and experiences, and I hope they helped!

Do you lead a busy life? Can you come up with any tips to add?

11 thoughts on “Bullet Journalling tips for busy lifers”

  1. I enjoy seeing people with their bullet journaling and though I enjoy the process of planning, I prefer using a notebook with the monthly calendar in the front. That alone allows me to plan my months and I can use the note pages to create weekly to-do lists and various other planning related things while I use another book for jotting down daily to-do goals.

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    1. You can use any notebook as a bullet journal, there isn’t a specific book for it. Although the official Bullet Journal does exist, it too is a normal notebook with a few extra things. I use a normal lined notebook 🙂

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      1. Ahh, ok. Do you have a Twitter or Instagram account where I could see some pics of your bullet journal? Or maybe there’s some on your blog?

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    1. I have published quite a few posts on bullet journalling, even have put up my July bujo spreads! Just check under the bulllet journalling category on my blog 😊
      I also recommend watching Boho Berry on youtube, she’s doing a series for beginners

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