What I’ve learnt about myself in college


College is a whole new era of life, and there are so many new things you learn, especially about yourself.

I studied in the same school for 12 years and most of my friends have known me for at least a couple years, which was the duration when I changed the most. Therefore they don’t notice and mention the sudden changes, just the glaring ones like me being more social. Now, beginning my first year of college and meeting new people, I’ve accumulated some things people tell me and have started to realise facts about myself.

I’m an all-the-time happy and cheerful person

Many people I’ve met have commented on this, and I’ve been asked twice how I’m always cheerful. I’m glad that I’m seen this way, it kinda makes me proud of myself. My friends consider me as the light in our group—I make them happy when I’m around and if I’m sad, they become sad, too. After I broke up with my boyfriend, one of my friends actually told me that I’m the happy person in our group and that it makes them sad seeing me sad.

I speak fast

I knew I read fast, but I didn’t know I speak fast. I’ve been told at least 6 times that I speak fast. The first two times was by the same person at two different times and I figured it was just him, but later I was telling a couple friends a story and they just stared at me. When I finished, they looked at each other and commented how I could go for a rap battle.

Another time, I was telling another incident and Kevin looked to another friend and said, “that’s how you must narrate to keep others interested and never bored.” I take that as a big compliment, considering I tend to say stories quite a bit 😀

A couple times, people asked me why I rap when I speak. Um, no, I don’t rap. Once, I responded that it’s because my brain is too fast and that I need to get everything out in time. The other person asked me to repeat what I said slower, lol.

I actually asked a couple of my besties from school whether I speak fast and after a few seconds of deliberation, they responded that they’re used to me and they can’t say. But I guess this got Hem to notice and a few hangouts later she mentioned that I do, in fact, talk fast. They’re just used to my speed and don’t have difficulty in keeping up anymore.

I’m crazy

Okay, I openly admit that I’m crazy and high all the time, which also earned me a friend in his second year of college. He tells me that I’m the only person he’s met who doesn’t care and admits themselves as crazy.

Other than that, here are a couple incidents. My bestie Neethu has a different group of friends in college. One girl, Kajol, who is also a friend of Hem through pre-university college, never spoke to me until a month later. Why, you ask? Because I’m crazy. Of course, she never told me this herself. Let me narrate a small story to you.

One day (about a week into college) Neethu, Kajol and a couple others came up to the second of of the canteen (cafeteria) and Neethu, another guy from our bus and I were talking about something. I, as usual, was happy and dancing for no reason. Neethu asked me why I’m high suddenly (she knows I’m always like that but I was dancing little more that day) and I replied, “For absolutely no reason, Neethu! You should be happy! Just like that! Be happy, Neethu! Be happy!” And I might have jumped a couple times while saying that. Kajol was staring at me and turned back to her friends and they all shared looks of how high is this girl? When Neethu was leaving later, I pulled her aside and told her to tell her friends I am, in fact, sane XD

After that, Kajol always looked at me like she’s afraid to approach me. Last week when she finally spoke to me asking where Neethu is, I exclaimed “she actually spoke to me!” to another friend after she was away lol.

Another instance: I was telling my friend Vijju about how Kajol looks at me as if I’m certifiably crazy. Now, Vijju is this person who never keeps a straight face, is always laughing and finding double meaning in everything. But this once, she kept a straight face like NEVER before and said, “You are. Very crazy.” Oh well.

I’m decisive

I never really thought about this before but I have a friend, Anee, who is never decisive and this irritates me to no bounds. After a few times of me telling her to make a decision and stick to it (which she never does), she started asking me to make small decisions for her.

For example, the other day, her classes ended at 10:40am while I had till 3:10pm. Our bus only leaves at 4pm, which is the maximum extent of class timings. She spent a couple hours in the library and at lunch, another friend was asking her if she wants to go home as he will be (they’re in the same class) and she told him to ask me. I said, “Why ask me? It’s you who’s going to stay or go,” and she replied, “because you know how bad I’m at making decisions, so you just make them for me.”

I laughed and said, “How am I supposed to decide for you?” she linked her arm with me and answered, “I go where you go.” We all laughed. (Did I mention she’s a complete kid most times? Well, she is.)

And those are the highlights of me!

I love remembering small moments and conversations, and blogging these are a way of remembering them, for me. If I remember back, there are quite a few normal conversations that I remember more than details of an important function or event. It’s these minutes that make up my life, and I love love love remembering them.

Do you relate to any of these facts I mentioned? Do you love small moments too?

7 thoughts on “What I’ve learnt about myself in college”

  1. Loved reading this , next year I’ll be going to college and boy I’m anticipating at the moment .. I really get being crazy ! I’m sure people are going to find me weird 🙂

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      1. Versatile blogger award
        “https://hopetalking.wordpress.com/2016/11/08/the-versatile-blogger-award/ “


  2. I adored your indecisive friend. So cute. I bet this person looks like a cinnomen roll or other cute food. And your college experience sounds awesome, I just wish I wasn’t so antisocial

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha she does! She’s a total kid and she’s very cute, although sometimes it’s annoying to be around her and her antics.
      College is a new start! You’ll be surprised by how much you change. I know I have. You just have to do it in small steps 🙂

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