The Burn, Rewrite, Reread book tag


Hey everyone!

I saw this tag over at The Book Window and it looked interesting and fun, so I’m doing it! Basically, you use the random sort option of Goodreads in your read shelf(I couldn’t find the option so I just typed my own link in and it worked lol), take batches of three books in order (no cheating!) and say which of them you’d burn, rewrite and reread.

Round 1

Burn: Under The Never Sky

Rewrite: um.. this is hard.. Roommates

Reread: Just Like That. I was surprised that I liked this book so much, actually.


Round 2

Burn: Princess in the spotlight. I read the whole Princess Diaries series in middle grade, I don’t know why, but I didn’t really like it. I also might be burning this just so I could rewrite the other book..

Rewrite: UnderCovers. This story had so much potential but I DNFed it a few chapters in because I just didn’t like the male MC and it sucked. Definitely rewrite.

Reread: Sharp Objects. Wow that was good. (My review here)


Round 3

Burn: Although I really liked this book… The Name of this book is Secret. I cannot burn the other two books.

Rewrite: Whyy do you do this to me Goodreads.. why?! I’m cringing as I say this but.. City of Bones. I can never rewrite The Duff better.

Reread: The Duff, obviously. Stars, I cannot believe I chose this over City of Bones **sobs in a corner** **I have betrayed my fandom**


Round 4

Burn: Fifty Shades Darker. Duh.

Rewrite: The Partner. Although I highly doubt I could write anywhere near as good.

Reread: The Indigo Spell. I loved the Bloodlines so much, more than Vampire Academy actually.


Round 5

Burn: Fall into forever

Rewrite: Anomalies

Reread: Tempted. House of Night was my first series of fantasy. I read it even before twilight. I would like to go back and read but it’s twelve books.. and not worth that much effort and time anymore.


And that’s it! If you find this tag interesting, go ahead and do it! Also link this post or let me know so I can read it!

Ciao, peeps!

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