Planning takes time too

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I did posts on advantages and disadvantages of being a planner but one thing I did not mention was how much time planning takes.

Sure, planning makes life easier but you have to spend a certain amount of time on it everyday. It does not get done by itself.

How my time is managed:

I spend about 10 minutes every night planning for the next day and checking off/updating that day’s journal.

Every saturday, around 5-10 minutes extra goes for the next week’s weekly spread in my bullet journal.

And every month, almost an hour to set up for the next month. I plan, see what works and what doesn’t etc earlier itself. Also, I don’t do it at once as I cannot carve out the time. Instead I do it over a week, one spread at a time.

As for my blog posts, I usually get inspiration/ideas at any time and write it down in a notebook or make a note in my phone. When I have time, I write down an almost-ready draft of the post in a notebook. I like writing posts more and I can do it whenever so that’s helpful. When I come on the computer once/twice a week, I type all of my posts; maybe making a few changes. I also usually take pictures required in advance and finish everything at once when I’m on the desktop. I prefer not counting the time for this but I guess it’ll come to around one hour.

I also have a blog post schedule log where I enter the title of post I want for that day and put a tick against it once it’s done and scheduled.


If you’ve tried planning or bullet journaling and quit it, understand that it requires time too. In the end, this much time pays off as you don’t forget or mix-up anything and you also have a log of everything.


Are you a planner? How much time do you spend on it? How long do you spend for your blog posts?

9 thoughts on “Planning takes time too”

  1. Unfortunately, I am not a planner. I mean I do plan things, nothing a journal sort of, but anyway, they never happen. Some or the other thing comes up to disrupt it.
    As for blog posts, I can’t plan what I want to write. When I do, I just can’t write anything. So, I write when I feel like writing. Currently, I am calling it writer’s block – the phase when I can’t write- It has been ages since I wrote. 😦

    Though, I must say that it is really great that you spend certain time to plan. Keep it up.
    Hopefully, I will too, someday. 🙂

    Keep Writing. 😀

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  2. I tend to be a planner, especially when it comes to my blog. I like to have a list of all my tasks set out for the day. But I’ve had to switch to a simplified version of my bullet journal just because it took ages to set up monthly/weekly spreads and I’m finding my new version easier to work with.

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  3. I’m like half of a planner…because I plan it all extensively in my head but often that doesn’t make it to paper. heh. Unless I’m planning books! And then I’ll write HUGELY detailed outlines to keep everything in order *nods* But I sometimes wish I planned out blog posts a bit better…I usually have a vague idea for the week, but I never know exactly what I might post.🙈🙊 Planning does take time, but I think it’s totally rewarding. 😉 I’m starting a bullet journal next year! WOOO. I hope I can stick with it.😂

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  4. Planning DOES take time. But, I think my bullet journal takes up less. Firstly, because I’m really not caring about how amazing it looks and having nice handwriting. Second, because it’s personal and I can schedule it how I want. And thirdly, I’m not too strict with myself. I don’t update it daily but when I do, It still doesn’t take too long when I do. The only thing that does take time Is writing out blog posts, drafting them. But collectively, if you put all the bullet journal and planning things related together it does take time!

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