The Other Daughter || such deceit and knotted secrets


the-other-daughterTitle: The Other Daughter

Author: Lisa Gardner

Genre: Mystery

Status: Standalone




Twenty years ago, Melanie Stokes was abandoned in a Boston hospital, then adopted by a wealthy couple. Gifted with a loving family, Melanie has always considered herself lucky. Until tonight.

Tonight, a has-been reporter turns up investigating her past. Tonight the first note arrives, saying, “You Get What You Deserve.” And tonight, Melanie has her first, horrifying vision of the past.

Melanie has no memory of her life before the adoption. Now someone wants to give it back, even if it includes the darkest nightmare the Stokes family ever faced: the murder of their first daughter in Texas. As Melanie desperately searches for her real identity, two seemingly unrelated events from the past will come together in a dangerous explosion of truth.

my-review-lightuptheshiningnightstarsThe first time I read this book was in 8th grade (four years back) and I’ve been meaning to reread it for over a year now. And I finally got it! It’s a very good book. Earlier, I used to rate pretty harshly and gave this book a four. I’m pitching it to a 4.5 now. Not much difference, but in Goodreads it shows 5 now.


  • Twenty years back Meagan Stokes was kidnapped and killed by a serial killer. The day he was executed, Melanie Stokes was found in the hospital where Harper Stokes worked. The Stokeses adopted her. Too much of a coincidence?
  • Twenty years back everything was falling apart and a tragedy occurred right on time which ripped lives into shreds. Now, it’s all falling apart again and a new series of events are triggered because of the old history. Again just a coincidence?
  • Melanie Stokes is the key. If only she can find out her real identity before it all blows up.

I should write book blurbs for a living. One day, out of nowhere, Melanie Stokes is told that she is Russell Lee Holmes’s daughter, the killer who brutally murdered Meagan Stokes twenty years back. This comes right in tandem with everyone close to her receiving gifts to symbolise their crimes and the message “you get what you deserve”. This also comes hand-in-hand with the new FBI healthcare fraud investigation on Harper Stokes.

Melanie, accompanied by David, an FBI agent starts to search out her past and the past of the girl who still haunts her home.

The whole book is written in third person POV following all the characters, mainly Melanie Stokes, once the bomb is set off ticking. A fast-paced book with secrets, murder, delicately interlaced lives and characters running to the finish line.

As this was a reread for me, I already knew the whole story and now was noticing the finer facts which tie up with the end. I also loved reading the romantic development between Melanie and David again.

Lisa Gardner brilliantly wove a story where there seems to be many stories at once somehow tying up, but you realise it was all only one story all along.

I honestly don’t know what else to say without spoiling everything, so all I can say it that I totally recommend it and you should go read it.

Here’s the review I wrote on Goodreads when I first read the book:

The book evolves around the life of a young woman, Melanie Stokes, in her twenties. She grows up with two loving parents and a doting brother who adopted her when she was 9 after their biological daughter died. She grows up with the stories and the things told by those around her. Then suddenly a man appears claiming that she is the biological daughter of a murderer who allegedly killed her adoptive parents’ biological daughter- Megan Stokes. She soon begins to have blackouts and visions which she cannot place. She starts doubting everything which has been told to her especially about Megan and her death. To help her is an agent – David, who comes under the disguise to investigate on a different matter concerning Melanie’s father Harper Stokes. The plot is entirely revolving giving you a dose of surprise every turn of the page. You expect something, it goes same but the reaction and the scene that follows it is totally surprising. The mystery involved is so intense and once you’re into the book, there is no getting you out until you’ve finished it. Its a great book for mystery fiction lovers with a touch of romance. The book ends with the solution to the mystery which you never thought of it to be. 

4 half

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