#BlogRechargeChat final verdicts – September ’16

blog recharge chat final verdicts

Another twitter chat has gone by! In case you’re now here, let me explain.

Charley and I hosted out first twitter chat with the hashtag #BlogRechargeChat back in June and due to so many requests, we made it a regular feature!

This month’s theme of the chat was blog posts. As usual, I will be saying the final, majority answers for the questions as a closure, and hopefully it will help all of you who haven’t participated in the chat as well!

Q1. How often do you publish a post?

There were a variety of answers for this one, as expected. Everyone’s schedules are different.

We found that Jamie (@booksandladders) is a blogging queen. She publishes a post everyday and also manages THREE blogs. How awesome in that?! She shared a post of hers about organising which was SUPER helpful. Here is the link to it.

Q2. Do you publish posts as you write them or do you schedule them?

Half the bloggers said they schedule, and the others publish as they post.

Q3. What do you do when in a blogging slump?

Now, Jamie being QUEEN said she doesn’t have to worry since she has posts scheduled months in advance.

Some people do tags, and others chill, waiting for it to pass.

Q4. Do you set aside time for blogging or roll with it? Which do you think is better?

Most bloggers just roll with it. Some wished to set aside time and blog. A few do a mix of both, depending on their posts.

Personally, I roll with it because my moods to blog are sporadic. There isn’t a guarantee that you’re inspired during the time you set aside.

Q5. Do you listen to music while blogging? Share a few of your favourite tracks!

Some do, some prefer silence, and for some it was both ways. Jamie (@booksandladders) said she listened to podcasts while blogging.

Myself, I prefer slow music which is more of tunes with words blending into it or soundtracks. I don’t like to be distracted with other words while blogging.

Q6. How do you usually come up with posts?

Jenn (JennieLy) said she pulls it from air, which might be an accurate for most. For book bloggers, its books of course.

For those struggling with ideas, themed posts are very helpful. Especially weekly features like Top Ten Tuesdays.

Q7. Do you have any go-to triggers or inspirations for your posts?

“Inspiration is everywhere” – Shealea (@bookshelfbitch)

Bookish Thoughts (@MyBookJacket) replied, “I recommend a hot water shower at night with vanilla scented body wash. Inspiration. BAM!”

Q8. Do you recommend taking blogging breaks if needed?

Definitely. Go for it. Chill out.

Q9. Do you try a different blogging post format if in a blogging slump or keep it constant?

Recommended to try it, it might work or it might not.

Q10 (a). How do you all feel inspired to blog after work/school?

Personally, I don’t. Unless I really need to rant about something.

@Cover2CoverMom said that she doesn’t watch TV so reading and blogging are her “me”time.

Q10 (b). What initially inspired you to BEGIN blogging?

My answer: as a personal project. I love taking up new things and blogging started off that way.

Amidst the chat, Riya (@riyshrma104) asked a few of her own questions..

What kind of blogs do you guys read the most?

The answers to this one varied with personal preferences.

What feature of a blog catches your eye the moment you open someone’s blog?

Blog layout, theme and colors. Also easy navigation.

We’ve discussed this in another chat which you can read about here.

Is blogging a hobby or are you thinking about taking it up as a profession as well?

Blogging as a hobby does not put any pressure to publish posts, but we might think of it in a later time! Shealea (@bookshelfbitch) answered that she sees blogging as a personal project, so no.

Which do you think is better? Anonymous blogger or getting yourself out there?

I answered that neither of them are “better”and it depends on the blogger and their personal preference.

And that ends another wonderful chat!

The next twitter chat will be on 5th November (saturday) at 9am EST/1pm GMT/5:30pm IST. We will be talking blogger experiences. This will be more of a conversational chat than one with advice and suggestions.

If you wish to be notified about chats immediately, comment below with your twitter ID and I’ll you to the twitter group!

What do you think about this month’s chat? 

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