Deep Mind

Today, I have Fabio Descalzi guest posting!

Head is blurred.
Mind is knotty.
Thought is tangled.

Missed words?
Never mind.
Just prompts.

Depth of thought.
Meanders in your mind.
Paths inside your head.

Better now?
Should be. May be.
Just thoughts.

Now I think better.
Now I feel sober.
Now I know.

Any other grief?
Not at all, chap.
Just plots.

The author: Fabio Descalzi (Montevideo, 1968) is a freelance translator, lecturer, and architect, as well as being a writer, blogger, and Wikipedist. He is a native speaker of Spanish, masters German and English, and speaks several other languages. Since July 2016 he takes part in the English-language project lucarna,

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