September 2016 wrap-up


This month has been busy…

Number of books read: 6

*cries* To take the blow off of that, I have some good news.

I now have over 500 followers!

Whut whut whut whut whut whut

That was basically my reaction. I tweeted about it and received a lot of wishes and congratulations 😀

Thank you so much, every single on of you. You make my day by reading my posts and bothering to give me a pinch of your attention. I’m honoured, I’m glorified and I don’t know how to show my gratitude.

Hold our your hands in a cup, please. Let me pour out my love and let it overflow ❤

Twitter: 204 followers (!!!)

Pinterest: 17 followers


Book reviews


Posts centered around me


Discussion posts

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disadvantages blogging

blog recharge chat final verdicts

PERKS stationary



Music in my “Now” playlist


Guest blogging series announcement!

New blog post series – #BirthMonth guest blogging


And that’s about it, everyone!

How was your September? Let me know in the comments below or link me to your wrap-ups!

16 thoughts on “September 2016 wrap-up”

  1. I only read six book, too, which is such a small number for me. ;( I’m hoping to fall back into my usual number of 8+ a month. I blame it on Empire of Storms though because that book took so long for me to read and left me in a bad slump. Congrats on 500 followers, that’s awesome! Looking at blog stats/numbers can be so rewarding and exciting, especially when it’s really unexpected. I hope you have an awesome October full of lots of books. 😉

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    1. Same! Empire of Storms took time. But also, I tried reading Cursed Child for a while before giving up because I just am not in the mood for middle grade.
      Thanks! Hope you have an October with lots of reads too!


  2. Is there a way you can combat the eye-strain when reading ebooks? I’ve been meaning to ask you this since you read a lot of them, given your reviews in exchange for freebies thing. Do you have a secret? 😮

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    1. Simply put, no. There is no way to combat eye-strain. I feel the strain sometimes. All you can do is balance it. Instead of using my phone for social media surfing or playing games, I read books. In fact, most of my social media lies dead unless there are notifications because I only use my phone more for reading books.
      I also never read in moving vehicles. It gives too much strain, even if you’re reading a paperback. Try avoiding that.
      I also avoid harsh lights to my eyes. I only have a lamp bulb in my room instead of the tubelight that everyone else has as I find it’s mellower and it’s enough for my needs.
      And, you need to know when to stop and take a break. It can be hard when you’re in the middle of an interesting twist, but if your eyes need a break then you have to follow through.

      I keep the brightness of my phone and any electronic devices to a minumum. Since I read in play books, there is brightness adjustment and I find that when I read at night in the dark, the setting helps. Even in daylight, I keep just the comfortable setting. I even change the background and font color to a murky combination. I don’t use the black and white as they give more contrast and hence, is harsher on the eyes.
      In the end, I don’t watch TV. At all. I’m totally out of the “current popular shows” and everything but I honestly don’t mind. A lot of strain to the eyes is caused due to TV, it’s colored movements and the vivid or flashing colors. Since that is eliminated, I have some strength to spare to read.

      Only when you asked this question I realised everything lol. I put in a lot of effort in little bits in other areas to be able to read ebooks.

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  3. Omg I would have never thought of this! I love your wrap up posts. What a neat way to pretty much organize and sum up your monthly posts. You’re a genius!

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