A to-do list for my adult self



Hey everyone! A while back I received a suggestion for a blog post and now here I am, doing it!

We all can’t wait to grow up. We just keep expecting that the following years would be better, but now that we’ve reached a certain age, we are aware of the responsibilities that comes with growing up too.

In this post, I will be listing out some things I would like my older self (in 20s or 30s) to do.

  • Live alone

I really want to live alone, have a house to myself and come home one day knowing that the place is only mine and I wouldn’t have any interruption when resting after a long day.

  • Make a BuJo spread for savings

Of course, this is assuming that I would still be bullet journalling then. But why wouldn’t I? The system is amazing. I want to finally have some money to save. Despite wanting to spend a lot of books and stationary, I get a certain satisfaction in not spending. IT makes me feel accomplished and prepared for the future.

  • Go grocery shopping

Buying what I want, what I would use to cook and meals according to my plans. I want that. I want to make a list and push a trolley cart around a grocery store picking up and dumping things into my cart.

  • Get a dog

Preferably a pug. They’re just soo cute and lovable. I really want to have a dog.

  • Work

I don’t know why, but I actually want to work? This might be because I have absolutely no idea how working life is going to be but I want to go to an office, work, and come back home and rest thinking about everything I’ve done that day. I also hope I work somewhere where I won’t have to work at home after office hours.

  • Go on a solo vacation

I want some days to myself. I want to go to a new place, look around myself, sleep in a comfy hotel bed and not worry about what others want to do and where they want to go. for once, I want to do my own thing and take a well-deserved solo vacation.

  • Buy a bunch of books and not get berated because its from my own money

Did you actually think I could finish this post without even one point book related? If you did, you underestimated me lol. If you didn’t, you know the basic things about me, congrats!

  • And basically be happy

Because the most I want is to be content and happy.

Do you relate with any I said? What is on YOUR adulting list?

11 thoughts on “A to-do list for my adult self”

  1. Pfff, most of these things are overrated. It’s nice having your own money, that’s true. I’m relatively new to this whole living by myself thing and it’s not even 100%, since I live in student accommodation. So I don’t need to worry about paying bills and hiring people to fix stuff or whatever. But having your own place is a lot of work. You wouldn’t really have that much time to sit and rest. You’d have to take care of your home.

    I’ve actually been alone at home with my brother most of the summer. And let me tell you that taking care of him and the house was not fun. It was a lot of work. Also, have you really never been grocery shopping? It’s a bit of a pain. Because you need to plan for it. What to buy so it lasts at least a week. Because going every day is very inconvenient. And then you realise that food is kind of expensive and that money that you thought you had to spend on books and other cool stuff is suddenly gone and you only bought like the basic necessities.

    Work is nice only if you like your job. And even then, I reckon it can be a pain sometimes. Getting the money is satisfying. I don’t like my job, but I’m a student, I know I’ll have it for maybe a year and then I’ll move on, so it’s fine. But if you don’t like your permanent job? That sucks.

    Okay, the dog and vacation ones are nice. 😀

    Sorry about raining on your parade, but better to be prepared for the worst.

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    1. I’m aware of the hard work, lol. Being the only child to two parents who are around the age of 60 and retired means I do a lot of things myself. Sure, they help, but I know all the struggles
      Still, thanks for telling me how it is

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  2. This post is so relatable! I often daydream about having a house for my own that has a mini-libarary and I’m accompanied by two golden retrievers. That is basically my ideal adult home ❤ And I also want to go grocery shopping, get to buy whatever food that I like unhealthy or not lol.

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  3. As an “official” grown up – I think this is a great list! Just the fact that you are reflecting on things that you want for yourself and setting goals is awesome. Going grocery shopping and cooking as an adult was one of my favorite things, too in my early twenties – the possibilities are endless! Especially with Pinterest!

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    1. Pinterest for adulting lol.
      I’m not exactly ecstatic for all of it (cuz grown up responsibilities) but I am not really dreading it

      I’m pretty sure I’ll burn food when I cook for the first two months 😂


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