Perks of being a stationary lover

PERKS stationary.jpg

Many people are stationary lovers and some stationary lovers make really cute stationary so we other lovers geek out on it! I, myself, don’t have much cute stationary (because etsy shipping costs so much) and I’m not a die-hard stationary lover. But I have my moments.

Therefore, today I am here to list out some observations about stationary lovers.

  • You have a big collection of pens, and all of them work!


  • You have a weakness for notebooks with pretty covers. You have four still unused at home? No matter! Making it five won’t hurt, right?


  • You get excited for new year’s day. It’s an excuse to start a new notebook, after all.
  • You go all out in back-to-school season. So many new pretty stationary that you have to own!
  • Improving your handwriting is secretly an excuse to buy wonderful fountain pens you are just dying to play with.
  • Ooh! Look at these cute little palm-sized notebooks that you’ll never use! But you gotta buy them cuz so pretty ❤
  • When someone borrows your pen and you see that they leave it uncapped on a desk somewhere without a care, you secretly snatch it away and ignore said person forever.
  • Paint! Color pencils! Color tabs! Sketchpens! Okay enough station—OMG such cute craft paper! And on sale! *Buys two packs*


  • Bored? Let’s go to the stationary store!

And a couple honorary mentions…

Perks of being a stationary lover AND a book lover:

  • Always complaining about being broke


I hope you had, at least, a chuckle reading these points 😛


Are you a stationary lover? Do you relate to the above points? Can you think of more?

23 thoughts on “Perks of being a stationary lover”

  1. I have a big collection of pens too! Unfortunately, not all of them work though! Lol. I hate when that happens… I’ll go to grab a pen and it’s out of ink. It’s frustrating. Lol.

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  2. This is me, haha. I’m the least artsy person you will ever come across but I’m so proud of my collection of coloured pens even though I use it to just doodle squiggly lines at the back of my notebook or draw circuit and ray diagrams when I’m studying

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