Me, me, me and ME!


Because why not?

As much as I’m an introvert and seem quiet and shy, I actually like talking about myself. I’ve noticed that I’m very good at turning conversations to about me, and do it pretty often unintentionally.

Also, I became bored with common tags which ask me to give facts about myself (sorry if anyone tagged me for them and I didn’t do it). I’m not gonna use ’em for talking about myself, lol.

So! Here are a few thing about yours truly:

  1. I hum a lot. Also sing in a low voice almost all the time, loudly when I’m alone. I actually love singing (psst, don’t tell my mom that) but don’t like to in front of others. My voice isn’t any good, anyway.
  2. I was an INTJ-F. Now, I’m INFJ-T. Have you taken your personality test online yet?
    It’s Intraversion (I), Intuition (N), Thinking (T), Judging (J). Well I took mine a few years back and my reaction was, “HOW do they know about me so well?” Its horrifyingly accurate. Recently, I changed a lot and took the test again and shifted from “The Architect” to “The Advocate”. I admit, this is a lot like me, although I’ll take the test again next year or so. Pretty sure I might change more. Part of the college experience right?
  3. Despite initially hating occassional blogging, I got adjusted to it and find that it fits with my current life schedule. I spend around ten hours for college six days a week, then additional studying and assignments. It would be hard to blog daily.
  4. I’m proud of being a fangirl. I love my love for books, gushing about book-related things, the expression on people’s faces when I talk non-stop about stories and basically everything.
  5. I’m also proud of being a vegetarian. Almost every non-vegetarian I meet remarks about how much I’m missing in life and that I should try non-veg food. Since I’ve been a vegetarian all my life (not even had an egg!), this makes the said people more determined to convince me to convert. Honestly, I don’t care. This is one tradition I’m proud of and will stay this way until I don’t want to.
  6. I have a lot of friends, but most of them aren’t close. I can mingle with almost everyone and adapt but there would be only a few I would cry to at night. I give out a vibe of extraversion but I just fake all of it.
  7. Following up.. I have quite some best friends. I actually haveΒ five! Four girls and one guy. It took years for me to become really close to them but we’re all really close. I love them ❀
  8. I put a lot of effort into maintaining relationships. I try to make sure I speak to all my friends and not leave anyone out, even if we’re not in the same school anymore. But this also makes it hard for me to accept and let go when they stop talking and move on while trying to gently let me down. Since I also put so much effort, losing it all makes me sad everytime I think of, hear of or see the person.
  9. I’m organised and clutter-brained. This is true, actually. The reason I keep organised is because my mind is totally NOT. I’ll never get anything done if I rely on my mind alone.
  10. I over-think actions, words and relationships. I think of what would/could happen; how I would feel then. I also doubt a lot about how I’m perceived. I’m always under-confident and replay my words later to see if I might have offended anyone unintentionally. I try to remain cool, be liked, and say sorry a lot.
  11. I’m a rule follower. I hate breaking rules and rebelling against my parents. Considering that not-dating is also an unspoken, accepted rule, I think so many times about dating and finally decide not to.

These eleven facts about me basically is me in a nutshell. Now, you have more of an idea of how I am.

Do you relate with me on anything? What is your personality in a nutshell?

17 thoughts on “Me, me, me and ME!”

      1. Oh, I couldn’t help but see. I’ve got Shakespeare, Tolkien, Johnny Depp, etc even Tom bloody Hiddleston. I don’t know where they got it from, but I liked the names I read in the list… πŸ˜›

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  1. We are literally so close to being the same person! Only difference… occasional blogger. Although, I am thinking I may have to cut back on the blogging schedule for a bit due to the class load for this year. It’s been a tough decision because I love blogging so much!


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