A description of my college life

college life

Brace yourselves, this could be a long one.

Now how do I fit everything into one post? 

Hey everyone!

If you’ve been following me for a while, you might be knowing that I began college this year and have spoken about it quite some. I kept postponing personal posts (it’s been a long while since I did one) and now there’s so much to say. I’m dividing this post into sections so this will look at least a bit structured, lol. So here goes.

My routine

I wake up around 5:45 am every morning and get onto the college bus at 6:50am. Then there’s around an hour of journey (changes everyday considering the traffic). On two days of the week, I have my day filled with classes with two breaks and the rest days I have some hours off after lunch, it varies.

Since I travel in college bus, I have to wait till 4pm even if my classes get over earlier, to come home. I have to change three times in public buses otherwise. I could get a cab but I’ve got friends whom I can hang out and chill with, and I sometimes study in the library so it’s all cool. I reach home around 5:30pm and will be very tired everyday, but I manage to not sleep and do assignments. Also, I consider the nights I sleep for seven hours success nights.

Till now, I’ve hardly studied because I keep doing assignments and completing my lab records for every week. The days I’m slightly free, I use it for other stuff like me-time, meeting friends or miscellaneous life work.

Since I don’t study at home, I usually revise in the bus ride in the morning. I have an hour so I can do quite some. Also, I sit with a friend who loves studying with people so we both discuss and stuff. Whenever I have class tests, I just read in the bus.


I’ve become quite the social butterfly. And compared to my old self I’m pretty much a social diva now.

In the beginning I was part of a group of 6-7 girls. Soon, a guys group combined with us so we became 14-15 (I never counted heads). There’s one girl among us who is the core of our group. Any person who is her friend is tagged along and recruited to the group. This happened so much and for a couple weeks everyday someone kept getting added so we just started calling them “recruits”and made jokes about what they expect as a salary.

There are two floors in our cafeteria (or canteen, cuz we call it that) and half the second floor is OURS. When all of us are there, we take up the whole area. When the benches are there, some of us sit or dump our bags on them. Otherwise, like today, when the floor is empty we just plump down on the floor and claim the area more. We have absolutely no hesitation or reservation before sitting on the floor, and we own it. Yeaah! *fist pump*

Let me give you a small snippet of one day.

My friend Neethu from school (part of my bestie squad of 6 including me) was waiting for another person to go home with since her classes ended pretty soon. I’ve introduced her once before when we were 14-15 and one of the guys saw her and brought her up. She’s seen my group members before but that day, somehow everyone was there at once and we made a crowd. Anyway, Shibaji brought her up and I was speaking to her. Suddenly another friend cuts in and she’s staring blankly at her. Shibaji suggests introducing her to everyone and I promptly remarked that it was a good idea, linked my arm with her and took her to one corner. From there, started the introductions.

I gave hardly 20 seconds for every person because there were just so many people and the lunch break would be over soon. It was like, “Akhilesh this is Neethu. Neethu this is Akhilesh.” Step forward. “Aman this is Neethu. Neethu, Aman.” And so on. It was so hurried and fast and I was over-excited for her to meet everyone. I was just jumping from one person to another, getting impatient when people asked her name again since they couldn’t hear properly over the noise.

In the end, after so many people, I finally looked over and said, I think that’s it. There might be others who aren’t here though.” Just after I said that, a guy turns from the stairs and I wave to him, calling him over, and introduce them. Again, I say I think that’s it and another guy comes then. I introduce them too. By then, Neethu became tired smiling and saying her name and hello over so many times, that she asked me not to introduce anymore. I told her that I know she’ll hardy remember anyone’s names, and that it was the same for me. I told her, “If you see them somewhere then just smile and say hi. If any of them smile at you or wave, just respond, even if you only vaguely remember their faces. They might not remember your name, and you might not remember their’s but no one cares. You’re all friends now. Learn their names slowly later.” And she just laughed at me, as anyone would.

She actually has her own friends group from her class who she hangs out with. But whenever someone is introduced fully, they automatically become a part of our group and a few of my friends (who met her for the first time that day) asked about her the next day. I replied that she has her own group and they replied, “why’d you introduce her like that then?” I replied, “because she’s my bestie?” They accepted that. So yeah, they all just assumed she’s part of us. On the way back home that day I told her that they asked about her and to come up once in a while to say hi. She laughed again.

Also, since we’re such a big group, someone or the other is free when you are and you’ve always got company. That’s why I don’t mind waiting until 4pm, because I’ve got my friends and I’m never alone.

Sure, other than this group I’ve got friends too. Somehow, none of the girls from my group are in my class so I have other friends. Then there are mutual friends and it just goes on.

I love this in college. The knowing-so-many-people. I meet a new person and we have mutual friends! My friends talk about someone and I’m like I know them too! I don’t know everyone, obviously, but I know enough.

Me in college

Wow, I’ve changed. This section, is in need of bullet points.

  • Let’s start small. I got a haircut! I’ve never sported this short look before and I’m loving it! What’s freedom? SHORT HAIR.  Here’s a picture I posted on instagram a while back showing it.
short hair passenger me.jpg
Today has been a great day! I received Passenger from Amazon, got a chic new haircut and watched a movie! How was your day? | @iridescence_y
  • I realised I’m now ambivert. I was actually INTJ. But recently, I started re-evaluating and realised that I’m becoming an extrovert! All because of you guys! There’s also a lot to say under this and other stuff, so you might be seeing another post all about me soon.
  • College sucks up my life so I don’t have much else to say about improvements and changes (except one, which deserves to be a whole section, as per me).
  • I still keep up with my bestie squad and friends. I actually meet up with Hema (my very bestie) a lot. I also talk about her so much that everyone I speak to often in college knows about her through stories. Once, Aneesha actually asked, “who is this Hema girl?!/” and Swapna, the girl I sit with in class replied, “I know right, she talks about her A LOT.” I just smiled, because I do talk about her a lot. Hema is a part of me in a different body. She a part of my heart. And I’m going to stop here before I become way more cheesy.
  • And now, to the next point which is a MAJOR thing. An announcement, more like.

I am in a relationship**

When I initially told this to my bestie squad, this was the reaction I got:

*blank face*

*finally registers after a minute*

*realises I’m not joking*

Whut? What? When? How?





*more shock expressions*

*hanging open mouths*

I want to know everything. NOW.




And so on. You get the gist.

Remember when I published a post saying Advantages of being in a relationship, from someone who has never been in one? “From someone who has never been in one”. Not anymore people, not anymore.

I honestly don’t know how this happened. And I’m still pretty dumbfounded that someone actually likes me enough to put up with my craziness. This was me every time I remembered that I actually have a boyfriend during then: Whut. 

So, yeah.

Let me tell you the reaction of a close friend from school:

Me: Oh maybe I should tell you this.. since you’ll kill me if I tell you any later. I told a guy I like him.

Her: *abruptly stops walking*

Me: *realises I left her behind a few feet later* *turns back*

Her: *open mouth* *shouts* CHUME! WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY

Me: *starts laughing because I’ve already received such reaction before and it never stops being hilarious*

—some more shocked reactions and blah blah—


Me: Yep.

Her: What’d he say?!

Me: *expecting a huge reaction so slowly says* he likes me too…

Her: *squeals so loud everyone on the street stares at us*

Me: *shushing her and laughing hard*

She took an hour to get over it. And you know what she said in the end? That she can finally talk to me about boys because I’ve been least interested before and wouldn’t get it at all. Well. Of course, she also yelled at me for telling her a whole week later, but we’ll skip that.

(It didn’t last long, btw. We parted friends.)


And that’s it, for now.

I thought this would be way longer, and I’m glad it isn’t because my life isn’t all that scintillating to capture your attention for a long span of time. I’ll go back to crying about not having enough time to read books now. What else would you expect from me? I haven’t changed all that much.


Any new interesting things happen in your life? Are you crying about lack of time to read too? Are you crying in general because school/college takes up all your time? Let me know below and we’ll wail about our woes together 😛



21 thoughts on “A description of my college life”

  1. YES GURL! I love how your friend reacted like you just came out to her as straight. You’re lucky that the guy liked you back. When I told a guy I liked him, and he said he only saw me as a friend. That was fun. 😛
    Maybe you’re just gaining more confidence? School can be a hard place to be your true self. Have you taken the 16 personalities test? I’m a ENFJ. That’s the protagonist. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I took the test and got INTJ first. I haven’t taken it recently though, I should 😄
      Yeah, I have been gaining more confidence, most of it due to blogging but also because I love having friends, so I naturally talk more once approached.
      Haha yes! I loved my friend’s reaction too 😂 I kind of knew that he liked me? So yeah, I said it

      Liked by 1 person

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