#BlogRechargeChat final verdicts – August 2016

And we hosted it for the third time! Now it finally starts to sink in that I’m a co-host for a regular twitter chat.

Charley and I hosted the first one in June and since we got quite a few requests, we made it a regular feature. In August, the theme was Graphics. You can see Charley’s post on this chat here.

As last month, I will be adding in my answers in italics too as I didn’t answer myself during the chat.

Q1: Share your favorite program to use for designing your blog’s graphics.

For this, we received a variety of answers, as you would expect.

Personally, I use BeFunky for now because it’s simple and works. I hope to move on to something else like Canva soon, though.

Q2: Do you take pictures for your blog or do you use stock photos?

Most bloggers replied that they use a mix of both. Some prefer using their own photos which suit for their posts, and a few others just use stock photos.

I have a set background picture of mine that I use for random posts not requiring a type of header. Otherwise, I usually use stock photos for headers. In-post pictures are usually mine.

Q3: Do you design a different graphic for each social media platform? (Twitter, FB, Pinterest, IG, etc.)

For this, many replied that they just make one graphic and use it only for the blog. Charley answered that she makes a graphic so that it can be used everywhere.

I don’t use graphics for my social media at all. I just use in my blog and social media is different stuff. 

Q4: Mention one blog with an AWESOME header photo.

Charley and I fangirled over That Bookshelf Bitch‘s new blog design and her new blog header. She’s recently totally redone her blog and it looks amazing!

@Cover2CoverMom tweeted that she’s in love with @aimalfarooq’s header. OF course, I had to see and I’m in love it too ❤ Go see her’s at https://aimalfarooq.wordpress.com/

Q5: Do you like when a blog post has graphics for section headers?

Some like it, some dislike it, but the overall opinion was that it”s fine as long as it does not disrupt you from the content.

As long as it fits in with the content and theme, I like section headers. If it just looks awkward, I’d rather not have it.

Q6: Mention one blog with a fantastic featured photo graphics.

We all talked about @paperfury here. Of course we would. ❤

Q7: Do you prefer a graphic to flow with text in a post or stand out in the center?

Flow with the text was majority of the answers. Although Shealea (@bookshelfbitch) tweeted something interesting: It really depends on the purpose of the graphic. Is it there to complement or make an impact?

I prefer it to flow with the text.

Q8: Do you like it when a blog post has gifs in it? Share your favorite gif?

Some like it, some don’t like it. It depends individually. Overall, as long as there aren’t too many and they’re placed well, it”s fine.

I usually don’t like GIFs in a blog post. The only one blog I read which makes it work is PaperFury’s.

Q9: Mention your favorite, gif-user blogger.

Again, @paperfury. If you haven’t visited her blog yet, what are you waiting for?

Q10: Do you prefer a blogger to use the same background/font in each graphic or to change it up?

Overall, it would be best if you have some change. But advised to keep it all a bit similar.
I would like change and difference as long as it’s all under one theme.

And that’s it! This month’s chat was interesting, and I think I learnt a lot because I’m such a slob in using graphics.

As for this month, September, the chat will be held on the 24th at 9am EST/ 1pm GMT/6:30pm IST and we’ll be talking about brainstorming post ideas. All about how to come up with post ideas, inspire yourself to blog and hence how to keep your blogging consistent.
We hope to see you there!
What was your favourite question in this chat? Do you want to answer any of them, if you missed the chat? Comment below!

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