Advantages of being a planner


Everyone knows that planning makes life easier and being an organised person means you’ll have fewer mixups and mistakes. But actually being organised? That’s not easy.

In this post, I will be talking about how being organised helps in blogging. Even if we’re cluttered in other areas of our lives, at least our blogging is sorted, right?

1. Not having to worry about writing up a post in one-day time frame

Sometimes, it’s not even one full day. A good post isn’t just writing whatever comes to you mind, I’ve noticed, and hitting publish. You have to actually put thought into it, structure it, write it properly, maybe add some images and a personalised post banner.

Earlier, I wouldn’t have bothered but nowadays I want to do it and therefore one day is not enough, if I have to even keep up with real life. Since I’ve started scheduling posts, I don’t have to worry. I’ll take a couple days and schedule it for sometime next week (or month!).

2. Remembering guest posts

Before I took up Bullet Journalling, I would forget by when I was supposed to write and send posts. Due to this, I would sit down last minute and conjure up something. Now, I make a note of it, remember and finish it well in time (provided life lets me).

3. Increased quality of posts

Being a planner means planning what you want to blog about, ways to write it, pick the best and also make a mental note about any pictures you need to take/edit. All of this while you’re on a bus home or in a waiting room. So when you get home, you can just do it instead of think up ideas then.

I feel that my quality of has gone up and this is because I plan in advance. Before I used to open up the new post area and then think.

4. The uncluttered feeling

I don’t feel overwhelmed of like I have too much on my plate because I’m managing everything. I am keeping balance in both personal life and blog.

Planning especially helps during exams because I already have posts for those days and I don’t have to worry then.

5.  The feeling of accomplishment

Every time I schedule a post, even if it is just for the next morning, I get that feeling of accomplishment that I finished it ahead of time. This feeling is also addictive so I continue to finish things ahead of time.


These were the advantages that came to my mind. Stay tuned for a post on disadvantages 😉

Are you a planner? Do you agree with my points? Can you think of any other?

14 thoughts on “Advantages of being a planner”

  1. I plan my study schedule quite well but I never did it to manage by blog 😅, I’m really going to try but the only thing I’m sure to find hard is keeping up with what I plan 😜

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  2. Being a planner is a dream of mine… sometimes achieved, most of the time not achieved. I do agree with your points and have experienced many of them when I do plan. For me, planning is a week to week struggle. Something I hope to improve. Thank you for your (planned out) post!

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    1. Haha pun intended!
      I used to struggle in the beginning too but once I stared bullet journaling, planning has become so much better, fun and creative


  3. Ahhhh I LOVE THIS!! I’m like a half-planner?! I want to, and I always know what’s happening for the week, but not generally before that.😂 And sometimes I will be finishing up a post 5 minutes before it goes up. But that stresses me out so much and I hate doing it. I want scheduled posts and no overwhelmed feels!! You’re inspiring me to schedule more so YAY FOR THIS POST.

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