August ’16 wrap-up!

aug wrap up

Another month has flown by, and what a month it has been!

I cannot even begin to tell you how hectic college life is. I spend 10 hours a day outside home just for attending college. Then there’s assignments and studies. And waaaay less time for anything else. Which brings me to…

The number of books read: 8

8. That’s it. There were days when I didn’t even read a word. My college specifically concentrates on occupying our time with work, unlike other colleges where my friends study. We get 10 assignments per subject per semester. OMG, right. I have 4 assignments pending at the same time. Also, regular class tests. And shall I mention that my first internal exams start on 6th Sep and I know NOTHING?!

My life. What is happening.


Moving on.

Not talking about stats…

because like last month, they’re drowning. I’ve also shifted to posting every other day (which is helping me loads, cuz, college) so there goes my stats. But I hardly have time to even open my blog, rather worry about stats. I’m actually thinking of taking a hiatus. Blasphemy for me, but, life.

My reviews:

Did I even post reviews? Whut?

Discussion posts:


Now where do I even start…

I’ll make a life update post ranting all about it separately. Don’t worry, I won’t spring it on you blind under a wrap-up.


And that’s basically it. I feel like I’ve done NOTHING this month *cries*


How was your month? Have you posted your own wrap-up? Link it below so I can see and get jealous of your accomplishments 😛




6 thoughts on “August ’16 wrap-up!”

  1. You’re welcome. Don’t worry, it’s something I struggle with too. I always think I could have done so much more. But honestly, it’s just negative self talk and it doesn’t help anyone.

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