What is “ghosting” and “bleeding”?

In the Bullet Journal (henceforth referred as BuJo) world, these terms are thrown around a lot, especially regarding notebooks and pens. If you’re a newbie, you must be wondering what these mean.

This is a short post explaining the two.





In the above picture, can you see the trace of ink which is written on the other side? (Sorry I could enhance it only that much to be seen) Basically you can see (and sometimes feel the depression) of marks from the other side.  This is called ghosting. Many people hate ghosting and try to find pens and books so that it does not occur. Personally, I don’t mind ghosting.




In this picture, you can see ghosting on the left but some places the ink bleeds and also leaves spots on the right. This effect is when I put even a little bit of pressure. So you can imagine, if I write over something twice or doodle, how much of damage the next two pages face. I think we can agree that everyone hates bleeding, because we just don’t feel like writing on those pages.

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16 thoughts on “What is “ghosting” and “bleeding”?”

  1. I don’t mind ghosting at all – gives a notebook a very lived in feel I think! But bleeding – well, that’s just a curse isn’t it, trying to find the right pen for the right notebook can be an arduous task!

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      1. Definitely – you learn quickly that there’s a reason to spend a little more money on a notebook. I at least usually learn to regret buying those cheap notebooks that look so pretty but have really thin paper!

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  2. I don’t currently own a bullet journal at the moment, but when I’m writing assignments for school, I try not to bleed through because it just doesn’t look good. I don’t mind ghosting, though.

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  3. I don’t do bullet journaling (though I want to and need to start doing so!) but obviously this sort of thing happens with most things. Ghosting doesn’t bother me at all, however bleeding is a pain. Bleeding never happens when I use biro over gel/inky pens, but biro doesn’t write as nicely. The struggles❤️😂

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      1. I have.. someday in my life. I honestly don’t have the patience to maintain it because of school and stuff. Small pressure or hit and they start leaking. I prefer the normal pens since I’m so clumsy.

        Do you use fountain pens?

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      2. Yeah, you can get ones which are in more of a pen form, and have the nib on top of like a more plastic tube, with still the ink inside. All you have to do is change the ink cartridge every so often, and they never leak! I’m sure you could get them on Amazon:)

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