Misleading book covers in NA romance

I understand that all romance novels with sex have trashy covers but sometimes, I don’t like that good romance novels that don’t revolve around sex have trashy covers too. It misguides me so much that I’ve just taken to ignoring covers and only looking at synopsis and reviews.

When they go wrong

hotg.jpgTake Hooked on the game by C.M. Owens for example. It has such a trashy cover but they don’t even have sex until half the book! It’s more on them together and their relationship development; they first tell each other that they like the other and only then do they sleep together. (too much th- alliteration?)



lickThere’s also Lick by Kylie Scott that has two covers, both which I don’t like, but is a really sweet book! (Review here.) It gives off a very rock star-ish, revolving door of women-ish and sex-ish vibe when its not completely based on sex! I honestly liked the book and if I had gone on the cover, I might have left it. The male MC is NOT like I expected him to be (read: like Kellan from Thoughtless by S.C. Stephens). He wasn’t a brooding, dark, possessive utterly seductive guy. Sure, he had tattoos to live up the rock star type but he was a nice guy.

the duff.jpgThe DUFF: Designated Ugly Fat Friend by Kody Keplinger was one really nice book I read, but I’ll say one thing, it’s not a cover I would vote for. I’m not saying it needs to have a trashy cover because it has sex in it, but the character didn’t at all feel like the vibe I get from the cover. Even a back shot of a curvaceous woman in the shadows with some splash of color would have been fine. I’m just put off by the attractive story inside and the bland cover outside.


the proffThis isn’t NA romance but I just want to mention this once. The Professional by Kresley Cole. I read it only because my friend had and she highly recommended it saying she loves it and that I would too. I saw the synopsis and didn’t think so but I tried it because she told me too. I think I wasted my time reading it. Its completely based off sex, too much like fifty shades and its cover?! It’s not showy at all! The relationship between the female and male MC is not healthy. I personally felt like jumping in and slapping the woman to LEAVE HIM NOW. And the author took the “possessive, dominating” traits a bit too far (read: a lot too far).


Now that I have sort-of covered the wrongs..

Let’s move on to the rights.

smutSmut by Karina Halle has just the right cover. You know when you get into it that there’ll be smut and it’ll be a little cutesy.




easydearest clemAnother example is Dearest Clementine by Lex Martin. It isn’t completely about sex, MC is a writer and its a nice NA book. The cover is good. Easy by Tammara Webber has a good cover too.



dibsThen there’s She’s got Dibs by A.J. Nuest whose cover is correct. 






Do you know any books whose covers give the wrong impression? What do you think about this?


4 thoughts on “Misleading book covers in NA romance”

  1. Ugh I hate books with trashy covers. >_> I mean, I’m not a huge fan of romance anyway, but I hate when I feel like I can’t read a book out in public! hahh. Have you seen the City of Bones cover? It’s not about sex AT ALL but it features a half naked guy on the front! I mean c’mon! I like beautiful arty covers myself.
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. God yes! I was totally blind when I went into City of Bones because of the cover. So glad they made new editions.


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