What you do, and would like to do

Hey everyone! Today, I have the amazing Luna guest posting. If you haven’t visited her blog yet, what are you waiting for!

Most of us have routines or schedules that we follow each day, but I think at some point we all wish it could go a little differently.

On a typical weekday, my day looks something like this:

  • be woken up at 7:30, but only get out of bed at 8am
  • try to multitask while brushing my teeth, therefore ending up brushing them for like ten minutes. then get dressed.
  • eat breakfast while watching YouTube videos
  • rush to pack my bag and get out the door on time. Do my hair in the car because i ran out of time.
  • sit with my friends for ten minutes before the bell goes and school actually starts
  • school. yay….?
  • after school my mum picks me up and sometime in the afternoon i’ll probably have a co-curricular thing to go to
  • eat something while watching YT videos again XD
  • think about studying and homework but never do it
  • ze dreaded guitar practice
  • spend too much time doing blog stuff 😛
  • waste more time online (Ya know, Buzzfeed, Pinterest, more YouTube…) and eat dinner
  • go to bed around 11-12

but there’s stuff i’d like to change about that… here’s my IDEAL schedule:

  • get out of bed at 7:30 (that way i won’t have to rush)
  • brush ma teeth, get dressed, do ze fab hair
  • eat breakfast while watching YouTube videos
  • get in the car and get to school
  • talk to my friends for fifteen minutes and then go to class
  • school… yay!
  • maybe go out with friends for a while
  • get picked up by mum and maybe go to a co-curricular thing
  • YouTube for a little while 😛
  • Study/ Do my homework and pack my bag for tomorrow.
  • solo dance party in my room
  • Blog!!
  • Do some kind of art stuff, cuz it’s fun and good for ze creativity
  • eat dinner, shower and sleep around 10:30-11

there isn’t a crazy huge difference but mainly i’d like to waste less time, which i am constantly working on 😛 thank you to Iridescence for letting me post here!

what stuff in your daily routine would you like to change?

Also, this was part of a collab for Auguest being held on Luna’s blog. You can read my guest post on her blog tomorrow! 🙂

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