#BlogRechargeChat July 2016: final verdicts

blog recharge chat final verdicts.jpg

After the huge success last month and requests from many bloggers to make this a regular feature, Charley from A Writer Named Charley and I co-hosted this chat again on July 30th. You can see her wrap-up for this chat here.

During the chat, I was also taking notes side-by-side and with everything, couldn’t give my own answers for every question. Therefore, I will be adding my answers in here, as well.

Q1: Mention the social media networks you think are important for a blogger.

  • Most people answered twitter, and quite a few people also said Instagram.
  • Some people mentioned facebook too, but through conversations we decided that it’s a personal choice and facebook pages don’t really help.
  • A few also said Bloglovin’ is important and we had discussions on what it is and how it helps.
  • @otherthingsblog answered that Pinterest gives inspiration but it is not required.

I would say twitter. Instagram for book bloggers.

Q2: How much time (roughly) do you spend on social media for your blog everyday?

  • Quite a few answers were that they spend way too much time.
  • In sub-conversations, we established that Hootsuite is a lifesaver when you want to schedule tweets etc.

My time depends everyday on how long I’m free. Somedays, its five minutes and others, its two hours.

Q3: Do you frequently juggle between blog and personal accounts or do you have only blog in some networks?

  • Even though bloggers have personal accounts, they are more active on blog accounts.
  • Many answered that they have only blog accounts since they don’t use for personal.
  • In conversations, it was agreed upon that the new update in twitter app makes it easier to manage multiple accounts.

I only juggle accounts in gmail and Instagram. It’s easy in my gmail app but since I have three on Instagram (personal, blog, bujofeature), my personal account takes a hit.

Q4: Do you expect a follow back if you follow someone on Twitter or Instagram?

  • A massive NO.

I follow because I want their feed, so no. But I HAVE noticed that many accounts in both twitter and Instagram follow just for follow backs. I get so very annoyed because of that.

Q5: What are your views on booktube+blog? Would you follow both?

  • Most usually just follow blogs.
  • It’s hard to find good booktubers.

I follow only abookutopia and even though I see many videos, I don’t follow many. I prefer blogs.

Q6: How often would you like to see Instagram posts (once a day, few days, etc)?

  • Quality over quantity, no matter the frequency.
  • Few times a week was the average of other answers.

I don’t really care as long as I get good pictures.

Q7: How do you feel about seeing multiple/frequent giveaway/sfs pictures on IG? Will you unfollow?

  • Ignore and scroll on. Don’t mind.
  • Unfollow only if too many.
  • @BookedUpBoss answered that she would unfollow if only those and blog posts. It’s boring.

Many times, I unfollow because that’s all I see. If its very few, I don’t mind. Sometimes though, these spam pictures will be so many but their pictures will also be good and I war inside.

Q8: If you follow a blog through email, would you mind if the blogger contacted you anytime about something?

  • No, unless its spam.

I wouldn’t mind either. This way, I would also feel connected to the blogger even if I don’t comment or have a blog myself.

Q9: Would you prefer if bloggers add social media links at the end of every blog post? What if social media icons are in the sidebar?

  • Half answers said yes.
  • The other half said that icons in the sidebar is enough.
  • Finally, it depends on the blogger. Just should be easy to find.

I don’t even register the links at the bottom and honestly, I could go without it. If I want to follow you, I would go to you sidebar or contact page.

Q10: Anything else you’d like to ask/say to continue the conversation?

The questions that rose from previous questions continued in threads and the chat completely ended totally about half an hour after this question. @diversion3000 and I were the last ones to exchange tweets. Honestly, I think we still wanted it to continue, lol.


Thank you all for participating in this month’s chat! We had so much fun and got valued suggestions. If you would like to be added into the chat group for instant announcements and info, let me know in the comments!

Did you participate in the chat? What was your favourite question/answer?

If you didn’t, I would love to see your answers in the comments below!


9 thoughts on “#BlogRechargeChat July 2016: final verdicts”

  1. Great wrap-up and answers! The chat was a lot of fun, and I totally wish it could have continued longer, too! (I just had house chores to do.)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I participated in this chat but didn’t this post until now! I loved the chat! It’s really nice to read it again and to refresh my memory because the chat gave me such great blog ideas! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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